How to Overcome Fear

Fear…..We all experience this feeling and for most of us it overpowers us at some point in our lives (and for some all of our lives). Fear in and of itself isn’t negative it’s the reaction to the fear that can be negative. When one experiences fear the first reaction is to shy away from whatever triggered the fear. This reaction just gives power to the fear. What you resist will persist!
So in order for you to overcome a fear you must first know what it is that you fear and why it causes you fear-this isn’t always very easy but it is simple. It is very basic questions that will give you the first step to overcoming fear. What triggered the response (fear)? What were the circumstances when the response (fear) first developed? What did you do when the response (fear) developed? These questions are essential to overcoming your fear. You must find the answer even if the answers causes pain (like bringing up bad/negative memories) when answering these questions-being honest about the answers is the only way to manifest positive results. To help you with answering these questions write them down and leave some space for you to write your thoughts about the answers, continue writing until you have thoroughly explored the issues surrounding each question and have discovered a satisfactory answer. Then move on to the next question. Fear in its most basic form is just a feeling aroused by an experience. Why would we need fear? In some circumstances it may seem that fear is helpful and to some people who have not developed themselves into who and what they really want to be it is helpful. But for the most part fear causes us to refrain from doing what we really want to do. For example let’s say you want to put an application into a business to obtain a job but you fear being rejected so you don’t even put in an application to avoid that rejection…Does that seem helpful? No it is not! The act of avoiding an unwanted result only brings about that unwanted result. You must take action even when you fear an end result (especially when you fear an end result!). Even if you are rejected (continuing on with the job application example) you have made an attempt, you have put out into the universe that you want that job (or anything). If you take that rejection and decide you will not do that again because you don’t want rejection than you have already condemned yourself to rejection(your own rejection) but if you take that rejection and decide that’s okay , yes I am disappointed but I am going to carry on! I am going to succeed! You will! Fear has not conquered you. Fear may be dissolved completely. It takes a conscious effort on your part and an unwavering will to better yourself. Do you want to be the person that you dream to be? If the answer to this is yes than you already have a perfect reason to better your life. How much do you want to be that person? The answer to this question isn’t so much in words but more so in action. Yes, you can answer in words such as I want to be that person very much. But the real answer lies in what you do about achieving being that person. You must make your best attempt to implement in everything that you do-striving to be that person. You may be thinking “well. I have been” have you? When you wake up what do you think about? During the day what do you think about? Before you go to bed what do you think about? Take the time to list in as much detail as you can the answer to these questions. For best results actually take time throughout your day to record what you have been thinking about. Do this for a week. Do not read on until you have completed this (very important).
Now that you have this recording of your thoughts take a look at it. Put a mark next to each thought that in some way aids you in achieving your goal. Once you have done this re list every thought that has a check next to it. Number these. Is this list very long? Now based on this are you spending much of your energy thinking about your goal? Next if you’re not putting much thought into your goal than obviously no action is being carried out. Now that that you have realized just how much time you devote to achieving your goal (dissolution of fear) the next step is to implement a plan. What do you do to dissolve fear? It’s quite simple (yet as simple as it is it can be quite difficult). Simply put you just decide that you no longer will have the experience of fear. Of course that is easier said then done (I know). To decide to release fear is not just a thought or an action it is a systematically carried out procedure. It does require effort! Do not think that you will just read this and do some magic routine and Bam you will no longer fear. You must first set out to do something (dissolve fear) than you must know why you are doing this. Next you must develop a guide for you to follow. Most importantly you must follow through! This may take some time and for some even longer. It all depends on how deeply established your belief in fear runs.