How To Make Yourself Throw Up?

There are times when throwing up is required. For instance say you ingested something toxic to your body. One way to prevent that from fully entering your system is by inducing vomiting voluntarily. There are other people who want to know how to throw up for other reasons and these reasons are typically not healthy by any means.

Swallowing a poison can happen to anyone, most of the time this is due to a mistaken container or someone thinking they are playing a prank on you. Regardless of the reason removing the poison should be the top priority.

How To Induce Vomiting Easily?

Be careful when inducing vomiting!

When vomiting one precaution to keep in mind is to avoid choking. Choking occurs quite frequently to those who are under stress. If you have a poison in your system while vomiting, then this can slow the removal of that substance and potentially kill you.

Always make sure the person’s head is facing downward while inducing vomiting. Doing otherwise increases the chance of choking. Any hair or clothing should be kept away from the mouth, as well the person should be vomiting into a bucket or a toilet to remove the waste promptly.

Using fingers or objects into your throat?

To induce vomiting easily, you can easily do so by sticking two fingers down the throat of the person and then tickle the back of the person’s throat. Many times you may have to tickle the tonsils to get a reaction.

If you don’t want to stick two fingers down your throat a long plastic stick or wooden stick will work just fine. You could use the handle of your toothbrush to stick down your throat and cause the vomiting. The point of this is to cause the body’s natural gag reflex to be activated and then later cause vomiting.

Using an emetic to induce vomiting?

You can also induce vomiting by mixing mustard and warm water. This is a home remedy and works for many people, but not everyone. The solution is supposed to be unappealing and make you want to vomit. It would help if you hate mustard or other spicy foods, but this can work with all types of people.

Drinking this homemade solution should be done extremely quickly. Sipping is not advised. The whole point of this nasty drink is to make you vomit that is why it tastes so bad going down.

You can also mix up your own saline solution to induce vomiting. This should be remarkably easy to do as just about every household have salt on hand. Three tablespoons of salt to roughly sixteen ounces of water is what is typically used to induce vomiting.

The saline solution will probably take a bit longer to get you to throw up. You may have to help it along by using the fingers method mentioned above to get things started.

A quicker way may be just by opening up an Omega 3 vitamin tablet and drinking the contents. That should induce vomiting immediately. Many vitamins are protected by a thin coating that if removed will cause vomiting. Trying other vitamins you may have around in your house should be fairly safe, but just use some common sense here.

Drinking three raw eggs also can elicit a vomiting reflex. As well drinking castor oil can induce vomiting, but results may vary depending upon the person.

Careful when using ipecac syrup!

Many people have used in the past an ipecac syrup to induce vomiting. While this was considered safe years ago, it is now considered a poor idea. Not only is this a poison, but the effectiveness of this syrup is doubtful, to say the least. It is now advised that if you have this in your medicine cabinet you should discard it and use other methods that are safer and have proven their effectiveness.

Alternatively if, that does not work you could watch someone else vomit to induce your own vomiting. Many people have this natural gag reflex when they see others vomiting. While it is probably not likely that you are going to run into someone who is throwing up, at least you have that option. Or if there is someone who is willing to vomit in front of you then you should be all set.

Speaking of watching something that would get you to throw up you could also watch a gross medical procedure or a horror film if that causes the same effect. There are those with a particularly weak stomach to watching something grotesque so if you know you are one of those then it should not be too hard to make yourself throw up.

Some out of the box thinking to induce vomiting?

If you remember as a child spinning yourself around and around until you threw up as some sort of game, then you could essentially do the same thing in this case. Essentially you would need to find some chair or other device that would allow you a full 360 degree of movement and then you just start the spinning motion and go faster and faster until you make yourself dizzy.

Alternatively just spinning around in a fast moving car would cause the same effect. This is useful when you are far away from home and have nothing around you to induce vomiting. While you may cause the other person to vomit using this technique, you also may also cause yourself to vomit. But if the other person has a natural gag reflex to the sight of someone else throwing up then this could be advantageous.

Seeking out the help of the local poison control center would be the best idea right now. As well going to the local hospital emergency room would ensure that you survive a unintentional poisoning. When it comes to surviving a poisoning a medical professional can be the only person to help you survive the ordeal.

Throwing up is just the first step to removing a poison from your system. You may also need to have your stomach pumped and fluids reintroduced to make sure you are brought back up to health. Now the next is the things to do after throwing up.

What To Do After Throwing Up

Vomiting is a horrible experience. But recovering from a bout of the up chucks is possible and easy to do. You just have to know the right things to do so your body can recover. Your treatment will vary depending up the reasons why you threw up in the first place.

Get your body back in shape first

First off you will need to rehydrate your body. Throwing up or vomiting gets rid of a lot of water in a rapid amount of time. Drinking plenty of water is great to do right now. Making sure the water is warm, but not hot will help your body absorb it quicker.

If you are sick drinking cold water may not be the most appetizing thing anyway, the cold water can be rough on the throat after you have just vomited up. Remember you are throwing up your past food but also your stomach acids and those same acids tear away at the lining of the throat. That is why many who throw up have a bit of a hoarse voice afterwards.

Warm liquids and broths immensely help

Eating soup would be a brilliant idea after a couple hours after vomiting. Warm broth could work to depending upon what you can stomach. If your stomach is highly sensitive right now, then you don’t want to push it beyond its limits. The point of soup or warm broth is to try and get nutrients back into your body to help it recover.

There are times when you throw up because you may be suffering from a hangover. If that is the case, then you will want to rehydrate to not only sober up but also because of your vomiting. A hangover’s only tried and tested cure is time. It just takes time to recover from that so being cautious about what you’re eating and drinking while sobering up.

Some may believe that eating a hefty greasy breakfast is a great thing to do if you are recovering from a hangover, that may just be the case, but there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support that claim.

Recovering from an intense exercise session

Sometimes you may throw up because you have exercised too intensely. This can occur with those who are too acidic or have a lower tolerance to strenuous exercise. If that is the case, then it is perfectly okay to chug a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade to get those essential electrolytes that your body needs to function.

Now if you did throw up there is no telling how many calories you are not going to consume that day and if you are tracking your daily calories you may need to replenish the body with another meal. That is of course if you only threw up due to exceeding strenuous exercise.

Clean yourself up after throwing up!

Now of course there is the matter of cleaning yourself up after you have vomited repeatedly. Brushing your teeth is highly recommended. This helps to ensure the enamel is maintained, and your breath is tolerable to those around you. Not brushing your teeth after vomiting can seriously ruin your teeth and if done repeatedly will cause some teeth to just fall out.

About Negative Effects of Throwing Up

Making yourself vomit is important if you swallow toxic substances or foreign objects. Getting them out of your system fast can save your life. However, choosing to make yourself purge food as a lifestyle choice is a not a good idea. There are psychological impacts, and negative physical side effects as well.

Here will go over the negative effects of throwing up frequently. Damage is done to your teeth, throat, salivary glands, and more.

Teeth and Throat

Forced vomiting can do a great deal of damage to the body. Vomiting can negatively affect a person’s teeth and throat. Vomiting erodes the esophagus and creates tears in it. This can make the throat raw. A person will begin to throw up blood as the esophagus gets more and more damaged. The teeth are also greatly affected. Vomiting can lead to damage of tooth enamel due to the acidity of stomach and digestive acids in the vomit. The teeth begin to rot and turn yellow in appearance, and over time will become brittle. Teeth may actually become so decayed they will fall out. The gums of the mouth can also become affected and sore. This can lead to many oral health problems.

Salivary Glands

Vomiting can cause the salivary glands to increase in size. When the glands are enlarged there is a swelling in the face and neck area. When a person is trying to stop throwing up this can have a negative effect. The swelling of these glands can actually cause a person to bring the food back up involuntarily. This cannot be cured by any medicine. The swelling is caused by the body to compensate the loss of fluid and to retain water.


The body can easily dehydrate due to vomiting. Water and much needed electrolytes are expelled with the food that is thrown up. The loss of this much needed water in the body can lead to serious problems. Not only will the person feel sick and weak, but internal organs are affected as well. The constant dehydration can lead to hypkalemia which affects the kidneys and can lead to various other conditions.

Nutrition and Minerals

When a person throws up they deprive their body of minerals. The body will not get the nutrition from the food that is needs. The food never makes it through the digestive track meaning no value is taken from it. The body also has to use its reserves to compensate for the loss. The body is also losing this valuable material. Lack of minerals can lead to dull skin, hair loss, and have effects on the internal organs as well as the overall functioning of the body.