How do you Make Fake Blood

Real blood is dark red and has a thick consistency, so getting theatrical blood to appear realistic can be tricky. A concoction that is too thin, and brightly colored, will look artificial, like paint. Here’s the perfect recipe for realistic-looking, non-toxic and completely edible fake blood to help you scare up a deliciously ghoulish Halloween costume.

* Recipe for “Death by Chocolate” Blood *


One, or more bottles of corn syrup; red food coloring; blue food coloring; chocolate syrup; cocoa powder; and water.


1. Mix corn syrup and water; 3 parts to 1 part. To do this, start by transferring half of the corn syrup to another container. This will leave enough room so that the fake blood can be conveniently mixed right in the corn syrup bottle. Add the water and shake up the mixture.

2. Slowly add red food coloring, until the mixture is a bright red.

3. Add a few drops of blue flood coloring to make the blood look more realistic in tone.

4. The blood will still be rather bright, so thicken, and darken, with chocolate syrup until the desired shade and consistency are achieved.

5. Adding a little cocoa powder makes the blood mixture more opaque, like real blood, and intensifies the chocolaty flavor.

6. Let the mixture sit for several minutes to thicken before applying.

Remember, you can always add more color to the mix, but once you’ve added too much, it is very difficult to make the mixture lighter without dramatically increasing the size of the batch. You can periodically test the color on your skin. Brighter blood, with more red food coloring, will look fresh. For older-looking, dried blood, add more blue, chocolate syrup or chocolate powder. You can even mix up a couple of separate batches, if more than one tone of blood-red is needed. Refrigerate the mixture if you make it in advance, and then bring to room temperature before applying.

* Applying Fake Blood *

There are many different ways to apply and use this tasty, theatrical blood concoction. Here are a few suggestions:

* Put the blood mixture in your mouth. Let it slowly dribble out, down your chin and neck. Allow it to dry and set for a few minutes before touching it.

* Put some of the mixture in a large empty syringe with no needle attached, and have a friend spay the contents on you, creating streaks of blood droplets.

* For more precise application, use a toothpick to drip blood where needed.

* Dip your hands in a bowl of the mixture. Let the liquid set on your hands and then rub some off for gory zombie hands and nails. Wipe it on your clothes, or leave hand prints for added effect.

* Be Careful Using Fake Blood *

Food coloring and chocolate can permanently stain clothes, so wear something that you aren’t worried about ruining. The mixture can also be very sticky, and may take a bit of effort to get out of hair.

For over-the-top application, you can pour the fake blood over your head, to run through your hair and on your face. But do this with caution, to avoid getting the sticky mixture in your eyes. Be sure to tilt your head back, or keep your eyes shut or covered.

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