How to Make Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is water that is specially treated by an electrolysis device that acts on water to break down the H2O molecule into its constituent components. The breaking-down process separates the H2O water molecule into an unattached and charged hydroxl ion and free oxygen. Water made up of such ions and free oxygen, alkaline water, is recognized to deliver the great health benefits that usually come from the intake of natural spring water or glacial water. This fledgling discovery has been roundly and undeservedly criticized by cynical interests on the Internet that run skeptic organizations and magazines. One of the easiest ways for skeptics to gather forces for their arguments is to bring out suspicion of ulterior profiteering motives in any new claims that happen to catch their unfortunate attention. It is easy to point to the promoter of a new invention and raise sentimental fears among people of being taken for a ride; they can simply call to their attention memories of scheming travelling salesmen dealing in quackery that everyone sees in old Westerns. This is grossly unfair rabble-rousing perpetrated against a bona fide healthful invention, by well-meaning but shockingly misguided individuals.

Scientific proof is widely available of the way in which alkaline water is indeed the natural form of water that the body by design is intended to consume. Science, filled with its jargon, symbols and formulae though, is an easy way by which to intimidate people into accepting anything whether the science means something real or not. Consider then some real-world evidence of the benefits claimed for alkaline water.

The electrolysis ionizing units made for the preparing of alkaline water at home are sold through standard business practices. While the businesses that manufacture and sell them did start as small mail-order concerns over the Internet, they have sufficiently caught on to transform themselves into regular businesses with brick-and-mortar dealerships like any other product. The business plan adopted by WaterForLifeUSA, one of the most famous ionizer dealerships in the country, is an example of the mainstream practices used. Businesses like WaterForLifeUSA have quietly established themselves with goodwill earned of about 10 years in business.

To gain sympathy for a new area of business in a community, the standard practice is to not mimic the customs and procedures used by established businesses; new areas in business introduce the community to their operations with remarkably deferential policies that are respectful of the skepticism to be expected for any new claim. Alkaline water dealerships have done the same; ever since they came into business years ago, alkaline water firms have offered excellent terms, repair warranties and money-back guarantees. This confidence-inducing policy has allowed people to set aside their fears of a bad investment, and allowed them to try to dip a toe in the waters. Customers have been satisfied enough with the benefits to their health as claimed, to not return their purchases for their money back. This should be singular proof of the effectiveness of the concept as claimed.

Repair warranties on these ionizing machines stand at a generous five years. This sort of warranty is a great confidence-boosting practice. People who are satisfied enough with their purchase to not need to ask for their money back, might come by mechanical manufacturing problems well after their purchase; the standard business practice is to offer a guarantee for repairs for a period of 12 or 24 months. A new fledgling industry needs to do better than to merely match the industry-standard; the ionizer industry today offers a stout 60-month guarantee. There have been instances where rare manufacturing defects have shown up three or four years after the purchase where companies have stood behind their guarantee.

Scientific-sounding claims are easy to make; scientific-sounding proofs are easy to manufacture. The real validation of any claim comes with the test of time. Alkaline water ionizers have really stood the test of time. Year in and year out for ten years, companies have put out quality products backed by great sales and service policies, and customers have responded to the forthright honesty demonstrated, with excellent support for the products. This then should be the real scientific test of a claim. This test looks not to obscure scientific arguments but to proof in the marketplace.