How to let go of someone you Love

How to let someone go that you have loved can be difficult and different for each individual. Dealing with the death of a loved one requires time. There is no set time for morning it is different for everyone. The one major thing that most people have in common when dealing with death is regret. We regret not spending more time with that person before they died. We regret arguments or things that were said. We regret not loving them more. But the one thing to realize is that while they were alive we probably weren’t thinking of those things we now regret. The death, the loss of being able to resolve those issues, is now what is on our mind. The easiest way to deal with regret is to write it in a letter to that person. Write all the things you want to say to them, apologize for any wrong doings and then put it in an envelope with a picture of that person. Save the letter in a shoe box or a safe place and let go of the regret.

Dealing with loss when death is not involved is difficult but can be resolved. If it is the end of a friendship, love relationship, or family connection you have a few choices. You can either work on resolving the issues that are tearing you apart to maintain a civil friendship with that person, this will also alleviate regret should anything happen to them. Or you can put them out of your mind; tell yourself that there was nothing else you could do and that it was mutual. In that case there is nothing you can do but accept that they will no longer be involved in your life.

Dealing with loss is a simple matter of adjusting to change. It takes time to adjust to change and each person will differ on the amount of time it takes them to adapt to the new situation. If you are an adaptable person you will need less time to get used to the change, if you have a hard time dealing with change then it will take you months maybe even years to get used to it. Death is a part of life, which is one aspect we must all accept. We can not change it. Parting ways is also part of life, we out grow relationships, we lose contact, and we have falling outs with our families. These are just part of life, as hard as it might be to accept. But to move on with our lives we must accept change.