How to Hypnotize someone

The argument weather one should or should not jump into hypnotising someone after reading an article and watching a few uTube video’s is in my mind controversial, in the sense that for someone to hypnotise another doesn’t mean for someone to bombard another with suggestions and to try and change character patterns or help with habits. If that were the case, than absolutely no! But if someone were to follow the four steps of inducing deepening subtle suggestions and awaking for simple reasons to relax someone or to calm them down than yes I think that it is reasonable. To become a hypnotist you absolutely need practise, we are all encouraged to improve our lives threw self hypnosis than why not one another? When you are in a hypnotic state you are suggestible, not reprogrammable like your pc. Although possible, an amateur would never be able to achieve such feat nor would the hypnotised person allow him simply due to rapport.

Like I stated before, there are four basic steps to hypnotise someone, as well as yourself. The first being the induction where you relax the subject completely and confidently gain there trust and focus there mind on one thing, or scenario. The second is the deepening which is somewhat overlooked but in my opinion incredibly crucial, while some will argue with a strong induction there is no need for deepening, but I absolutely disagree, the deepening relaxes the subject more and focusing there mind, or minds eye more intensively on whichever object or scenario you have agreed on. The third is of course the hypnotic suggestions where you suggest things to the subjects unconscious mind. And finally the awakening which is self explanatory but needs to be properly done for a successful enjoyable hypnotic experience.

I will explain the basics of hypnotising someone threw the ways that I personal use and that I find most affective. There are millions of ways to induce, deepen and suggest. Its all preference.

The most important thing you must remember is you can never be pushy or tell them what there feeling, you need to suggest it for when there critical sensor is focused (object on the wall, or in minds eye and the relaxation of there muscles) the subconscious listens willingly, but one push or suggestion that is out of character they can and will refute, because it is a joint effort to hypnotise someone, not just the hypnotist forcing someone into trance. And the subject must be fully aware of this before inducing trance so they are cooperative and comfortable with the situation. You must both also understand that trance is not sleep, it is a slight variation where your mind and body is at ease, but completely aware of what’s happening and allowing it to happen.

The Induction: To begin an induction, you need to fully relax your subject, I prefer to have them lay comfortably with a pillow supporting there head, there hands at there side and there legs uncrossed. I start by asking him or her to pick a point on the ceiling or wall and to focus on it (much like the clich swinging watch.) As they focus I start at there feet suggesting they feel a warmth slowly growing in there toes relaxing every muscle it touches very slowly going threw all of the muscle groups up to there face. When the warmth reaches there face you can start to suggest the muscles around there eyes are beginning to relax and there eyes are beginning to grow heavier and heavier and eventually shut suggesting they go into trance. At this point if there eyes begin to flutter while shut – you must reassure them it’s a good thing – as a smile will grow on your face because now they have reached REM. The first sign of trance.

Deepening: Now that they are completely relaxed you need to give there minds eye (or critical sensor) something to focus on, ideally, the stair case. The stair case is incredibly effective because it is a decline, where they go deeper and deeper into trance. At this point, only slightly more important than while inducing, repetition is CRUTIAL! You must have them start at the top of the stair case declining one stair at a time. With every step encouraging them to go “deeper and deeper and deeper again into trance as you take the next step, good, good, that’s right, more and more comfortable and relaxed.” I stick with a close script to this for each stair for ten to twelve stairs. Remember, repetition is key!

The Hypnotic Suggestion: At this point the subjects critical sensor is very focused on something and there body is incredibly relaxed making the subconscious’ suggestibility more suggestible. But definitely not to anything, if a suggestion is proposed that the subject would normally never do or accept, they still wont for they are in control. A stage hypnotist can make someone feel warmth or see someone differently or cluck like a chicken, but not make a timid person strip naked in a large crowed of people. Such situations can be created if suggested they were alone, but there is definitely a line not to cross, and of course the deepness of there trance is of utmost relevance. The hypnotic suggestion is of course where all the different reasons why one wishes to be hypnotised occurs, and the time where you must keep your subject completely relaxed and comfortable threw suggestion to keep it a great and rewarding experience like hypnosis is supposed to be.

The Awakening: The awakening is very important as well to keep hypnosis a rewarding experience, if you snap you fingers or clap to waken them they will be caught off guard, for at this point they have your full undivided trust and attention. It needs to be done gradually and calmly. I count up from one to five, with each number suggesting they are becoming more and more aware of the surrounding and speaking in a slightly more regular and sterner voice to of course awaken them from trance – not sleep.