How to Cure Blue Balls

Girls, Have a guy complained to you for blue balls? And how to deal with this condition? Let’s begin with the definition of blue balls.

What are Blue Balls?

Medically, it is also called Epididymal hypertension, this condition is that happens when the fluid and blood in the man’s penis and testicles is retained, causing the minor pain and discomfort in these areas. Many of men had experienced this pain in their testicles, however, don’t worry about this condition and they are not a serious health condition.

What Causes?

There are many possible causes for blue balls, but the real cause is still unknown in fact. A man got it when he sexually turned on and excited. When he nears orgasm, the balls pull up tight to his abdomen and cause achy.

More Things & Facts:

Is it a myth or not: It’s a real condition and not a myth. And it is simply the condition of having the genitals congested with fluid and blood flow from prolonged arousal.

Do women get these balls too: Yes, sciences now know that a woman can get the same thing as a man. One type of vasocongestion can produce the irritate and ache in the lower abdomen and the pelvis.

How long do blue balls last: In common, Epididymal hypertension does not last long and usually the pain should go away after ejaculating. If they don’t go back to normal within a week it’s better to go to see the doctor.

How to prevent: 2 ways of prevention: 1) ejaculate 2) do not become aroused.

How to Cure Blue Balls?

When coming to the treatment and remedies, first of all you should know this condition can’t be deadly and you will not die while experiencing it . Often the symptoms such as pain and discomfort will go on their way for hours, here are some reliefs for you to get rid of blue balls:

  • The legit and simple way to cure blue balls is orgasm and ejaculation. Masturbation is one of viable and effective way of quick relief.
  • The second option is to wait it out.

Home Remedies:

1. Simply lying down and massage balls to keep blood moving, it can help you to relieve the pain and discomfort.

2. Taking a cold shower can be another folk remedy, dipping them in cold water will help numb the pain nerves and constrict the blood vessels. Sometimes it is also possible to make the problem worse since the blood vassals constrict.

3. Exercise especially lifting something heavy can also be helpful for getting your blood flowing, walking up some stairs has the same effective result for blue balls relief.

4. Like exercise, walking, jogging and other activity may also help it go away sooner.

5. Take a small wet warm towel and try to wrap it to sooth the pain, then lasting for 20 minutes and you will find it ease your most pain. Repeat it for 3-4 times.

6. Placing cold objects like an ice pack on your genital area is another way.

7. Medications such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol work apparently to relieve the pain.