How to Cure Bad Breath

There are several causes of bad breath. Some of it is caused by bad health habits, some by the food that we eat. Some of it may be caused by medical problems, and some of it may be caused by medicine we take. Chronic bad breath is a very serious problem. There are many remedies that are supposed to relieve bad breath, but mouthwash doesn’t work every time. Some of the simplest remedies just involve changing some of our health and eating habits.

The first thing to do is to find out what is causing the bad breath. How do you treat your mouth? Are you good to it? Do you brush your teeth as often as you should? Do you floss? Do you use an antiseptic mouth wash or rinse? Do you brush your tongue?

If you have dentures, do you soak them in a good denture wash? Do you brush them too, to make sure all the plaque is loosened up? Do you brush your tongue , roof of your mouth and gums? Do you use an antiseptic mouth wash or rinse?

What are your eating habits? Do you eat a lot of sugar? Do you eat a lot of spicy foods? Do you consume a large amount of coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages? Are you eating enough vegetables and fruits? Are you getting enough calcium and protein? Do you smoke or chew tobacco?

Good dental habits and care are the first steps to a bad breath cure. Getting check-ups, having your teeth cleaned, getting damaged teeth pulled or fixed can help eliminate some causes of bad breath. Periodontal disease, abscesses, and dry mouth ( usually caused by some medications) all contribute to bad breath.

If you are already taking care of your mouth and are still having a problem with chronic bad breath, there may be other underlying problems causing it. You may need to see your dentist and your physician.

There are certain medical problems that cause bad breath. Sinus infections, tonsil infections, lung diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, blood disorders, diabetes, gallbladder dysfunction and carcinoma can all contribute to bad breath.

There are several bad breath cures and remedies. The best bad breath cure to start with is to make sure that your mouth is healthy and continue taking care of it keep it healthy. The best bad breath remedy is brushing your teeth as often as possible, and use a good antiseptic mouth rinse.

Another bad breath remedy is to always rinse your mouth after eating, especially if you are in a position where you can’t brush your teeth right away. You may want to carry a small bottle of mouth wash in your purse, for the men, keep one in the glove compartment that you can slip in your pocket before entering a restaurant.

Another bad breath remedy, if you can’t carry mouthwash, or brush your teeth, try eating a slice of orange or lemon. Don’t use the lemon too often because after time it could start to wear the enamel off your teeth.

If lemon or orange are not available, try carrying a pack of sugar free gum with mouthwash or mint added. If you are among the people that can’t chew gum, carry some breath mints.