How to Build Civilization


Sociology-The science of society, social institutions, and social relationships; specifically: the systematic study of development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of a organized group of human beings.

Hard Earth-Chiefly all stone construction, or all mud construction, but can include building construction of other masonry types.

Hal Lindsey has predicted that crime would increase in the Last Days. We know that things will get worse in the Last Days, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act. In fact we should act to counter bad things from happening.

The Bible states: “Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.” We are supposed to pray for those that have the rule over us, and we are supposed to act to keep bad things and evil from happening. How can the love of Christ dwell in us and we allow freedom and liberty to diminish?

Crime. Crime in residential homes can be diminished by changing materials we use to build homes. And, by changing the building materials this would change the position that houses can be built to each other, because hard earth houses look good together. Crime could be diminished because people could be closer and thus report criminal activity.

Abortion and Moral Relativism. Moral Relativism and abortion will be a sign of the Last Days according to Hal Lindsey. We live in a world that emphasizes youth and the physical, as apposed to age and cerebrally oriented. Hard earth buildings promote feelings of a more cerebrally oriented world. Gray is the color of sobriety, stone can be majestic producing positive feelings, and changing acoustics. Being cerebrally oriented also helps counter act the deceptions of the day.

Disrespect for the Military. Hal Lindsey claims that there will be a disrespect for the military in the Last Days. A hard earth house built of stone can be designed with a military configuration, being essentially a mini-castle. The Bible doesn’t say there’s anything wrong about being majestic or military-like.

Worldwide Deforestation. Hal Lindsey claims a sign of the Last Days is worldwide deforestation. Changing the way we build house could preserve our forests and even allow us to export lumber. The Bible doesn’t say there’s anything wrong with allowing trees to grow.

Plagues in the Last Days. Hal Lindsey has commented that there my be plagues in the Last Days. Houses could be built to be self-cleaning using power washing and hot water. Stone interiors for stone houses and stucco interiors for mud house. Sterilizing a home could also make it more clean up after entertaining the homeless man.

Europe to Become Greater than the U. S.. According to Hal Lindsey the E.U. will become greater than the U.S.. Teh U.S. possesses one of the richest oil reserves in the world (in Alaska). Our nation is rich in other resources as well. I believe there is till time for America to be great. And I believe that building shining new cities of new building materials can help America today.

Medicaid is trillions and trillions in debt (according to Rush Limbaugh), no matter how hard thy try they can’t make Medicaid work. Medicare is trillions and trillions in debt. And now they want to expand Medicaid and Medicare so that we’re really in danger of our entire system of collapsing. Obama has spent so much money that if we need emergency money no one will do anything, but watch us collapse as a nation. Every gun the government has got is aimed at us.

Some kind of revival, restoration, or renewal is needed. All ancient armies made conquest of other nations by leveling the conquested country and building anew. If one changes the buildings you might be able to alter car designs to reflect a more humbler time. This being like the television program “The Waltons.” If a new non-profit organization called “the Foundation for New Sociology” was to be founded it could advocate these types of automobiles. Ever look at a Chevy pick-up coming up behind you? It looks like something evil. Humility is what a car should be, God praises humility. Also the foundation could advocate modest dress.

Black people appear to be much more cultered in England. They don’t seem to speak ebonic. People whether black or white act more “Sanguine” in England (see the book _Temperments of the Holy Spirit_ or similar books by Tim LaHaye). The “Sanquine” temperment is the most Christ-like of the four temperaments. African English become so very engulfed in the English culture, the culture is so strong that all races get caught up in the culture.

All generations have thought that Christ was coming in their generation. Thinking that Christ is coming back soon is no reason to sit back and watch the country go bad. The Presbyterians are a group that are not so inclined on the immanency of Christ.

Don’t you believe in Dispensationalism? What about the Dispensation of Conscience wherre men were accountable to God by the things that were created? “The heavens declare the glory of God…(Psalm 19),” and the rest of creation speaks to us as well. As a civilization ages it needs to start building with natural building materials, because less of God’s creation becomes visible. We should allow creation to show. That’s just giving the glory to God.

Here’s some examples of where nature is a witness to the character of God in Romans one:

     “have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made (by God)” (NASB)

     “are clearly seen, being understood through what has by the things that are made” (NKJV)

     “have been understood and seen through what has by the things that are made” (TEV)

Nature. Nature emits a signal capable of demanding a response. Missionaries prayed before going into the jungle to natives there. God used trees, brooks, and sky to prepare hearts before the missionaries ever got there. When the gospel was preached to the natives, the natives believed.

We’re not to be pacifists to sin. You can act now or you can be as the Beatles song: “Let it Be.” Action is needed. In the American Revolutionary War there was something called the Black Regiment. The regiment was comprised of many preachers who took up arm against tyrants. The British were very afraid of this group, so churched did take radical steps against tyranny.

I’ve climbed all the mountains in the Northeast. I’m an artist, I know beauty when I see it. God made the world with artwork in mind. In Europe they use reflection pools to double the image of a beautiful building. In America they don’t use reflection pools, because the buildings are so unsightly that no one would want to double the image of an ugly building. Everything I do, I do because I care. I think other people should care, too. Satan is the author of trash and the unsightly. I believe its in scripture…”when there’s sin in the land, they’ll be trash in the land.” We should be the opposite of satan, we should “…approve things that are excellent (Philippians).” Artwork is excellent. People want to be in the U.S. because it’s such a wonderful system of government, or lack of it. When tyranny finally takes root here, they’ll be no redeeming quality to America, because the catalyst of artwork will have become almost void, unless we act.

The Recession. The recession (according to Fox News) was started by the Democrats, because the Dems do better when the economy is decline. For Dem planners, the whole thing got out of control and now we are where we are today. Like this, why can’t we Christians do something big? “If you have a big God, you better have big plans,” (D.L. Moody).

When I was doing golf course landscaping, this other guy said to me: There’s nothing better than women.” I replied to him “I think stone houses are great.” Then the guy really stopped to think. The man was already a Christian and from Puerto Rico. Young people need something else today.

The Bible is a book that no matter where you open it up its firing at you. Natural materials do a similar thing, it like having someone looking over your shoulder at you. It brings conviction. Look at the emotions stone draws:

     America is soft, stone is hard

     America is feminine, stone is masculine

     America is lenient, stone is strict

     America is physical, stone is cerebral

     America can be wet, stone is dry

     America is open, stone is shielding

     America is highly alcohol consuming (or drunk), stone is sober

     America is artificial, stone is natural

     America lacks art, stone is art

     America is open to different trends, stone is unchanging

     America is fleshly, stone is spiritual

     America is flexible, stone makes rules strict by nature

     America is pro-youth, stone is pro-age

     America is becoming overly warm, stone is cold

     America is wimpy, stone is tough

     America says “live for today,” stone boasts “live for tomorrow”

     America is nomadic, stone is permanent

     America is emotional, stone is stoic

To countermand a civilization that has gone to far to the left, you must add to it an identity far to the right. Our society is sociologically anemic. We need the far right to shock the world. We shouldn’t follow the example of the world, we should set the example. Alternative building materials represent everything that America is not.

In Europe there are families that have lived in the same house for nine hundred years. And I’ll bet that their family was a strong family for those years. Isn’t that what we want?  We need strong families.

There has been a book written on the feminizing of America. It lead to the pornography movement. I don’t think feminizing America helps our Christian cause. Its gone to far. Hard earth is masculine in its character.

They say we only use ten percent of our brain. This is your chance to think outside the box. To be cerebrally oriented. I believe I’ve written the schematic for Christian Evangelical Revival. It’s about every Christian living for the Lord; and souls added to the church. Maybe the reason the Bible says there will be a great falling away in the Last Days is because there was a Revival first.

I believe a stone house could be built as cheaply as a wooden one. And all mud houses being two stories and covered with stucco could be built cheaper than mobile homes. A muod house will last 100 years, but technology for mud houses is unknown in this country.

Beginning a Revival his way is chiefly a characteristic of Christ, we have a giving God, just as God has given us so much at the Cross, we should also be giving, too. ” Agapeo” love, is God’s love. “God so loved the world that He gave…”(John 3:16a). The benefits of alternative building materials are giving:

Since a mud house outlasts a trailer, a mud house can be passed to the next generation. A stone house (and sometimes mud houses) can be given to many generations, it doesn’t need to be painted, it sound deadening, it provides art to interior and exterior, its cooler in summer, it saves lumber, it favours a setting for prayer, it would set trends such a fashion, automobile design, and antiquity. It also provides for self-cleaning, since God created nature, nature, and it makes it cerebral in style.

Fashion from an older time represents Christianity, because people were more modest in times past. I believe today’s cars look ominous. Cars should  be less ominous. Antiquity represents things from the past. People had more Godly values in the past. Mobile home companies can be constructers of stone sectional houses. The houses I’ve designed have stone interiors, mass construction of stone interior houses has never been tried before in modern times.

God is a God of New Beginnings. The Lord lift us up as a nation. Give us a new hope. Give us a new start. Thee Romans leveled cities and rebuilt them after their ways.

“And they that be wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmanent; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever (Daniel 12:3).” We should be in the business of building up righteous nations, righteous cities, and righteous people. Expect great things from God. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth…(Mt. 6:10).” Please say yes to New Sociology.