How to Build a Yurt

Nomads in Central Asia have been constructing yurts for centuries. A yurt is basically a round tent that can be put up in one day, with the help of others, and taken down to be placed somewhere else. The yurt is built to minimize the use of materials while its compact shape and lightweight members in tension and compression allow for strength and durability.’

For people desiring to build their own yurt, materials can be purchased from They offer low cost materials that are durable and strong, allowing you to build a yurt that is modern while retaining the sense of ancient nomads. The yurt is a circular structure with a fabric cover, tension band, and a wood frame that consists of a lattice wall, radial rafters, central compression ring and a framed door. The yurt is usually set upon a wood platform supported by a post and beam system.

Building a yurt will have minimal impact upon the surrounding soil and can be removed without leaving a trace. You will need lattice sections to form the circular walls. The number depends upon the size you intend to build. You will need to purchase a door and door frame, windows, felt side covers, rafters(number depends upon the size), a tension cable, center ring, top cover and dome skylight.

You must first decide if your yurt will have a dirt floor as in ancient times or will be built upon a wood platform. The lattice walls are put up with the windows and door set in. The tension cable is set on top of the lattice walls, then the rafters are set, pushing outward on the tension cable and inward on the compression ring, which comes next. This design prevents the rafters from moving or spreading. The sides and top are covered with the material you have chosen to use. The dome skylight is a modern addition offered by most companies selling yurts or materials to build your own.

The aerodynamic shape of the yurt allows wind to flow easily around it instead of pushing against it. The yurt can be used for camping, retreats, wedding receptions, family reunions, and whatever your imagination conceives. Pacific Yurt Company is the original manufacturer of the modern yurt which can be completed with power and plumbing.

For those who are looking to build their yurt with materials they have gathered from close-outs, clearances, milled lumber, etc., I recommend researching yurts on the Internet first. Decide on the size you intend to build, then learn how much material you will need. Used doors and windows will save you money if they fit your lattice walls. By checking with sites like Pacific Yurts, you can see the simple design and plans of their yurts. You will be able to price materials needed and take a look at their gallery. Your yurt can be plain or fancy. Either way, your neighbors will be envious.

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