How To Be a Leader Starting TODAY

Being a leader can mean many things to people, from they way they look to the way they talk. Sometimes we even think they need to be a certain way, be handsome/pretty, tall, have a loud voice, be a man or women, etc. Whatever preconceived idea you may have about what a leader is, throw it out the window because ANYONE can be a leader.

Now when it comes to how to be a leader, fears and comfort zones need to be a thing of the past. You will need to face fears and ultimately get way out of your comfort zone to be able to lead people at whatever thing you want to lead them in.

Becoming a better leader will allow you to succeed at a higher level in life in many different categories, ranging from business to personal relationships and everything in between. Refer to our list below on how to be a good leader so you can intergrate these methods today and become the leader you were meant to be!

How To Be a Great Leader with These Tactics


First things first, you must not want to “FIT IN”. Rarely has anyone been a leader that has wanted to be the SAME, or who wants to fit in with the crowd. You must be different, and allow YOUR personally to show at full force, then the right people will follow you. If people are gossiping or talking behind others backs, its often human nature to want to do the same, but instead say something positive about the person that is being talked bad about.

Tell The Truth

People love sugar coating things, and love to be BS’d to, thats just a fact. But those who are respected the most are those who tell the truth or “how it is”. Now the truth can hurt sometimes, but the key to being truthful is to do so in a COMPASSIONATE way. They may be mad at you for a while, but later on they will realize that you were coming from a caring empathetic approach and thank you for it.

Take FULL Responsibility 

Taking responsibility for all of your actions will give you the power over your life. When you take responsibility you get yourself out of the victim mode and are able to look at if from a more powerful place. Good and bad, take full responsibility and again you will separate yourself from the crowd.

LISTEN to People

People love to talk, and usually the person they are talking to can’t wait to say what they have to say. Instead become an active listener, responding off of what they are saying instead of what you want to say. You will build solid relationships this way, which any leader has many many great relationships.

Spread the LOVE

Sending people love will allow you to relate to them better and want what is best for them, and after all love is what we all want anyway. So now you can be the person who gives it! The laws of the universe stay that what you give out must come back, so if you love others will love you back, which will allow you to be a leader to these people.


When you think positive you will attract positivity and people like positive people, which can create a leader out of you and allow you to attract people to you that are leaders themselves. You must also think big and have big vision. Leaders have goals and visions that are bigger than the average, which they get made fun of until they achieve what they set out to do. If people aren’t making fun of your goal, then it isn’t big enough!

Relate To People

Learn how to relate to people at their level, this makes them feel more connected to you and not like they are lower than you. This will allow you to build relationships as well.

Don’t Act Like a Know It All

Acting like you have all the answers makes you look prideful and ignorant, because NO ONE has all the answers! Admit when you don’t know things so that you can learn them, allowing you to have more knowledge to supply to people. Knowledge is power and power equates to leadership. One of the original Ford Mustang engineers Lee Iacocca, also one of the greatest leaders around said it like this “I hire people brighter than me and I get out of their way.”

Go Above and Beyond

Do things in life like a perfectionist. If you do things half way, you will be just like anyone else. But if you learn to be a perfectionist, your life will produce better results. You will also be different from the crowd because most people are sloppy with their approach. Again getting away from the norm will create a leader out of you.

Become Freinds With Leaders

Surrounding yourself with people you want to be like will allow you to become like them. There is a saying that you become the average of your closest 5 friends, so who do you want to be like? If you want to start being a leader, hang around with those who are already leading around you.

Believe in People

Inspire people to believe in their dreams and believe in their dreams as much as they do or EVEN MORE. This will separate you from most people who discourage people with goals and try to bring them down.  Instead be someone who uplifts people and tells them to go after their goals.

READ!! 2 Great Books on How to Be a Leader

BOOK: How to Win Friends and Influence People

One of the BEST if not the BEST book of all time of becoming a leader as it shows you how to influence people through a myriad of tactics, which if you can influence groups of people, you will naturally become a leader.

BOOK: 48 Laws of Power

Read the 48 Laws of Power. This book shows you how to create power in your life be reading about how the most powerful people in history operated.

A side note to this method is to always study people who are leaders, like the most notable presidents to spiritual leaders as well as leaders in the field you are in or are wanting to get into. You can also do this by subscribing to certain magazines like TIME, Entrepreneur and Excellence. These magazines are always highlighting people that are doing BIG things in this world and you can utilize their methods to create a leader out of you and start doing big things in your own life.

The trail has already been blazed, there is no use reinventing the wheel. Whether you are looking for how to be a leader at work or just life in general, study these individuals and apply their tactics.