How Search Optimization Affects the Social Media

Many on line writers and bloggers are upset at the enormous numbers of ratings, reviews, views and hits that come to sites or to blogs that are based on the top search optimization terms. It is a known fact that anything with Megan Fox or other popular pop culture topics will generate a huge number of views, so the frustration of the writer who just did a brilliant article on the economy or who wrote the best short story ever can be felt through the computer screen!

The other area of frustration lies in the news coverage that our favorite all day cable news networks choose to focus on. We are in the era of the news cycle, breaking news, and optimized news. Any other topic will definitely take a back seat, no matter how interested we are in hearing about it.

Search optimization is most commonly discussed in relation to search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. These are incredibly powerful and efficient mechanisms for taking constant snapshots of the aggregate interests of humans who surf the web within the nations and around the globe. But there is search optimization that is used in marketing, advertising, television news programming, and a massive array of private, non profit, government, and corporate endeavors.

As a result, the television shows which are getting the most interest on line will impact the advertising purchases and types of ads that are produced and broadcast. The sites that cover those shows will make the best use of tags, meta taga, and feeds to drive surfers to their site. The more visitors, the more income from advertising, and the cycle begins anew with each top headline or search trend.

The pop culture icons, celebrities, and minor sensations who are involved in the best public relations campaigns, who are starring in the top films, or who are involved with the juciest scandals will drive a lot of on line traffic toward sites that have information, the cute dress and accessories, the latest photos, or the most popular opinions about the matter.

Social media, then becomes a product of an algorithm that includes getting search engines to re-direct the most views, putting up the most lucrative advertising, and making the most money from even more sold out concerts, television audience share, or product sales.

For the individual, the favorite star, the latest celebrity scandal, the hottest new product, or even the availability of foreclosure, health insurance, or job opportunities will drive the web surfer to the optimized search result that gets the most views; and the most views will come to the web site that makes the best use of search optimization tags and tools.