How Important is Water

 Water is a constant. All the water that is now, is all the water there ever was. Water is essential for life here on this planet. Without it, the Hydrological cycle could not be. This is the driving motion of life. Water on earth is evaporated into the atmosphere until it can no longer hold any more then it will rain or snow and returns to earth where in the most part through transpiration from plants or evaporation from the earth surface returns back to the atmosphere as a gas. The water that’s left percolates back into the earth and runs into feeding rivers, streams and the ocean. This water may be frozen for awhile or it may be used by plants, animals and man, but eventually in time water will all end up back in Hydrological cycle. This is the constant of all there ever is, will be all there ever was.

 Water is remarkable. It can change shape as in ice. It can dissolve other compounds so they are used by different organisms. It is made up of two components hydrogen and oxygen. These components are needed to sustain life and because of this can dictate that range where life exist on earth from the smallest microbes to man. It regulates temperature in mammals and can create energy as in evaporation. The earth is made up of approximately 75% water and human cells are made up of 70-95% water. Water does the same job on earth as it does in the human body. It transports and replenishes nutrients, while cleaning or caring away waste material.  In the body it does the same. Without it, all cell activity in the body would cease. Even a decrease of intake would cause damage to the function of cell activity.

 The adult body contains 42 liters of water a loss of 2.7 liters is enough to cause dehydration. Even though water regenerates itself through nature, most is unusable like the oceans or ice caps or water that is polluted and can not be used by the world population. Because plant and animal life depend on water and we depend on them for food,  water is our most precious commodity. When there are shortages in parts of the world because of drought or pollution or even from waste, terrible consequences occur. Living without water could never be. It is the essence of our makeup. If and when the demand for the supply of water reaches the point where the hydrological cycle can’t keep up with the worlds population then newer forms of technology must instituted to help everyone in the world. This is a worldwide problem. The water on this planet belongs to everyone on the planet. Water that the first civilizations on earth used to quench, nourish and sustain themselves with, is all we have and all that we ever will and without it we could not exist.