How Hate Groups Infiltrate Society

Hate groups are as any dysfunctional group. The participants must make livings at workplaces that may not tolerate them expressing their true natures. Hate groups are active and functioning in the military, which is wrongly believed to be a sacred and well controlled segment of our society. It is not, and the military has always reflected what is going on in the general society.

Members of hate groups can be sociopaths and psychopaths who may have little or no ability to socialize outside of, or either within their groups, have drug and alcohol issues, and who may have mental illness. They are fully aware that they would be at high risk of legal and physical harm if they openly express themselves, so they operate on the fringes of society, infiltrating in ways that conceal their identity while spreading their philosophies and reasons for their deviant lifestyles and beliefs. The more dysfunctional and poorly controlled members of hate groups do not care if they are identified and will wear well labeled clothes, wear identifying tattoos, decorate their vehicles, and act out in public.

Many, if not most, of the low self control hate group members have either been forced into membership while in prison, or have developed stronger bonds and affiliations with hate groups while in prison. American prisons are the most successful and prolific incubators of hate groups that we have, and the infiltration into society begins there in most cases. In many cases, prisoners will say that they joined various prison gangs and groups in order to survive under poorly controlled and managed volatile populations. 1

From prison, organizations communicate, develop, organize and incorporate the individual into post prison activity. The poorly controlled sociopath or psychopath will have trouble throughout life and may undergo multiple rounds of life in and out of prison, with membership in hate groups as a commonality between the two. They have little or no prospects of infiltrating the mainstream of culture, life or society.

Members of hate groups can be sociopaths and psychopaths who are very well controlled, intelligent, manipulative and resourceful in compartmentalizing and concealing their activities. They, like well organized serial killers, can be community leaders, the most well liked individuals at work, and the “nicest people” in the world. The well organized hate group members and leaders are extremely organized, detail oriented, are meticulous planners, and are exceedingly cautious in their activities. They do not ever want to be identified and discovered.

As a result, well organized hate group members can infiltrate at any level of the mainstream society. Mostly, they work anonymously over the internet, are the sources of funding for more public and active elements of hate society, and are the behind the scenes leaders who exist in the shadows. Well organized hate group members can be the well educated writers who compose hate literature that is then spread throughout the internet, including to family members and friends of mainstream supporters who receive it or copy it from websites.

Well organized hate group members can be high ranking military officers, doctors, elected officials, lawyers, and in high positions with corporations and the government. The elitist organized hate group members are highly likely to be obsessed with looking down on or distancing themselves from the lower classes of the hate society, just as they are with the lower classes of general society, and may practice their hate in very subtle and well concealed ways and as members of very private and well concealed organizations. The elitist is the most vulnerable for losing position, rank, title, income and the social standing that is important to them. As a result, it is highly likely that they will go through life undetected.

As a result, it is the well controlled sociopath or psycopath hate group leader who will be most likely to infiltrate and operate undetected within any level or part of mainstream society, but the public face of hate groups are the poorly controlled psychopath or sociopath hate group members, and their infiltration is primarily through criminal enterprise and the prison environment.


1. Southern Poverty Law Center