How Gravity actually Works Galactic Scales


Remember the old trick of filling the bucket with water, then turning it quickly in a circle up and over our head, while the water did not spill? This is how gravity works. The gravitational effect of us spinning the bucket quicker than it could spill, was the pressurized physical phenomenon which held the water in.

Another would be that trick of placing a piece of paper over the flat top of a glass of water, and turning the glass upside down. It should not spill due to what is known as the gravity lock. This comes about when the the energy within a gravitational exponent, is like our Moon which is locked into the orbital spin of the Planet Earth.

So, what in this case of the glass of water, and the paper, is spinning? Turning the glass displaces the water, creating a suction spin with the vibration of all the water molecules in motion, in the glass. Plus, as the water settles to it’s own ‘upside-down’ effect, into it’s own gravity, with the vacuum at the top, even though in truth, it is at the bottom of the glass.

Or, another comparison would be, due to the pressure within this vacuum, one could liken it to an airlock. Turning it upright again, the paper would loosen, without this pressure sensation. Gravity is at work, when vibration is always linked, for gravity is everywhere. As vibration is movement, it helps to understand the phenomenon of how gravity works; for there is nothing that does not have it’s own vibratory effect.

It is an explanation for anyone to follow, who cannot understand the language of science. Everything has a wave energy, including us. All molecules vibrate, having their own bonding factors; even within gravity. Otherwise we would not be in the Earth’s gravitational field, nor would the Earth be in its own orbit. Everything works by a combination of reasons – in the same way, it is spinning within its orbital velocity around the sun – plus on its axis – even though the Moon does not spin.

Many factors have a role in gravity; and if we could use the gravity lock, we would be walking on water. The closest we seem to get to this ‘sensation’ would be in a heightened state of our own vibrations being excited to a feeling that we are ‘walking on air’. Every molecule of our physical sate would be oscillating to the point of ‘hovering’. This is not science fiction, but a fact.

Gravity is as a non-contact influence, just as a hover craft requires its own energies against the friction of what is under it, creating a cushion of air travel. Here too it could be categorized as anti-gravity – which would act within a magnetic propulsion manner which repels. Just as the two poles of a magnet which are the same – either positive or negative – would react to each other.

One could use the analogy, that the stars would fall to Earth, if these forces did not repel within the cosmic electromagnetic radiation which fills all space; within the black (or dark) or light energies. And yet, with the gravity which propels by repelling the polarity bonds of all matter, we would have nothing to call our space, let alone our planet or ourselves.

Gravity in a sense is a pendulum, which keeps the time of everything within the one, called timeless. Gravity expands and contracts within its own vibrational force, where space-time dimensions are as infinitely small as they are within the invisible zone. And yet without it, we would not even have our galactic scales to keep its motion spiraling forever within its gravitational existence.

If we went any further, the universal explanation of how gravity works, would leave us spinning into an anti-gravity field, called up, up, and away, in another space-time dimension. Who’s ready to let go?