How did the Universe Start

There are many theories as to the beginning of the universe, but as of yet no agreed upon answer.  The problem is a classic catch-22.  Cosmologists can agree that the big bang started everything off, but what about before the big bang?  Do you see how difficult it is to say how and where the beginning of the universe started?

The latest theory is that everything in the universe started at a point of singularity.  That means that everything in our universe, the galaxies and solar systems and planets down to us started at one extremely tiny point.  A point that is so inconceivably small that we humans can’t imagine it.  Smaller than an atom, smaller than an electron, smaller than…..well, you get the picture.  And from that tiny bit, our universe exploded into everything that we see now.  How is this possible?  How could something that small produce something as large as our universe?  That is the mystery, and it probably will never be answered.  All we can do is speculate, and even then we probably will never know.  This is something that a higher power will have to answer.

Scientists can speculate that our universe perhaps “leaked” from another universe.  There are theories about multi-universes, in other words the universe that is around us is only one of many.  But even if that were the case, where did the other universes come from?  That is why answering this question is a complete and utter conundrum, meaning it can’t be answered.  But there are ways to get down to the building blocks of our universe to try to understand what it is composed of.  And a machine has recently been constructed in Europe to do just that.  It is called the Hadron collider.

This is the gargantuan atom-smasher that has recently been started to take atoms at almost the speed of light and smash them together.  The idea is that the resulting collision will provide the building blocks of said atoms to find minute particles that make them up.  This can result in understanding material such as anti-matter for instance, that elusive matter that when it comes in contact with regular matter can produce energy so enormous that a thimbleful could provide us with energy to power all our cities for many years.  This seems like the stuff of science-fiction, but it is reality!  This is the stuff that  could power star ships!  Exciting times are ahead if we can harness this material, and who knows what this and “dark matter” will really mean?

So the search goes on, but the ultimate question as to where is the beginning of it all must at this stage remain in the realm of meta-physics……