How the Universe Formed

A Simple Model On The Creation Of The Universe

My model on the creation of the universe is very simplistic. The universe appears to be made of three things: matter, space, and time. In my simple view, in order to have matter, there must be space for it to be within. So space must have preceded matter. And in order to have space, there must be time for space to be. Keep in mind that “nothingness” is still something, in my view, whether I apply the human value of observable phenomena as reality, or not. For example, when I look at a dead person, I know they are unaware of time and the nothingness of time I know exists. Therefore, if all people were dead, time, and the nothingness it holds in it, would still exist. Merely, time and nothingness would lack our human value of them brought by consciousness.

So the universe began with time, then space then matter. But what preceded time? Also, what is beyond the so called “edge” of the universe which could not have the three qualities described since it would eliminate the “edge” concept and give credence to the redundancy of multiple universes?

I believe that God was the First Cause of the universe. To know on Earth who He is and how He created the universe would either make me God,or bring God to my level, which is impossible. Think of it another way. Let’s say we were able to discover how the universe formed and were able to prove it scientifically. That would make us God. Then all we would have to do is figure out how we created everything before we came along and created everything. And what do I think exists past the edge of the universe? God.

As a last note, it is believed by some that the universe always existed, was never created. That would make time infinite. It seems to me, if that were the case, then at some point in time, though eons and eons of time would pass, that probability must go to zero with infinity and history would repeat itself exactly all over again. What would be the purpose of that? Why would God or nature, herself, recreate our experience in some infinite loop? Why would God The Father let his son Jesus as a man die on the cross over and over again? Or, if I died tomorrow, why would I come alive a split second later as a pregnant infant in my Mother-though zillions of years passed- to relive my life exactly the same all over again?