How Children Learn the World is a Scary Place

You know, You wake up one morning and your 6 years old and you realize that the world is a scary place, for the first time you understand that not everyone in this universe is as perfect and as wonderful as you had always thought. You live the next few years in a haze, a dark cloudy haze of loneliness, 9 years old and already deeply unhappy at all the world has to offer.
Before you know it your 10 years old and life throws up another harsh lesson that teaches you that not all people are their to help protect you and make you feel better, some, even professionals care nothing about the feelings of little girls. From their on in it becomes apparent what this world is all about and that dark cloudy haze becomes weighted with woe.
The next 10 years are fueled with anger and hatred and violence and not for those that have hurt you but for yourself, all your life you have seen anger and violence, seeing things at such a young age, things that nobody should ever have to see, imprinted in your mind forever. Every bad thing that you see in your life plants a seed of dark emotion in your heart and mind and over time it grows and grows until your life is all consumed by these emotions and all you see in the end is dark.
This may well be life or something like it for more people than we think, a desperate existence with no trust for anybody. How can we really as ordinary people help those that have suffered when we don’t truly understand and have no way of knowing the suffering that some people have endured in their lives?
We don’t have to be qualified social workers or professional psychologists in order to show somebody we care, we simply have to raise a smile on the street, offer a hand of help if needed and one day you will raise a smile or help that one person who thinks nobody in the world cares or wants to care and that simple gesture which costs nothing and takes no time at all maybe all that is needed to plant a seed of hope in the mind of a person who has lost all faith in humanity.