High Cheekbones vs. Low Cheekbones – Comparison and How to Tell

In today’s society, various factors play a role in determining a person’s level of attractiveness. One, in particular, is the cheekbones. For several societies, they consider a person with high cheekbones as sexy, confident, and beautiful. For some, this specific characteristic of a person indicates a person’s level of sexual maturity. Either way, having high cheekbones is considered as an appealing feature. Because of this, many people would like to understand the difference between high and low cheekbones along with some ways on how to accentuate this facial structure.

What are High Cheekbones?

The malar bones or cheekbones are the prominent part of the skull underneath the eyes that highlight the cheeks. Every human being has these bone structures that contribute to their physical attractiveness. The difference is the position of these bones, which are either high or low.

For people with high cheekbones, the widest portion of their face is the part beneath their eyes. They have cheeks that are slightly dipped below their cheekbones making these bone structures more noticeable. The dip can sometimes cause a shadow that further highlights the malar bones.

In comparison, when the malar bones of a person are present below or in the lower part of the nose, he has low cheekbones.

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Low Cheekbones: Causes and How to Fix

A person’s genetic make-up and ethnicity play a crucial role in the position of the cheekbones. Furthermore, on average, women have lower malar bones compared to men. Nonetheless, doctors can fix low cheekbones through the following cheek augmentation procedures:

  • Implants

Implants is a surgical procedure wherein the surgeon will insert bodily tissues or artificial objects in certain areas of the body to make that part more noticeable.

The main goal of a malar implant is to emphasize the cheekbones and support the cheeks. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon will place an artificial material such as silicone on the malar bones.

Keep in mind that the submalar implant is different from the malar implant. During a submalar implant, the surgeon will insert the artificial material below the cheekbones. This procedure will add volume to a person’s cheeks.

  • Dermal Filler

The dermal filler is a less invasive approach of augmenting the cheekbones. In this procedure, the doctor will inject a natural or synthetic filler. Depending on the type of filler used, the effects can last for months or years. Furthermore, the filler will not dissolve easily. If the doctor made a mistake while injecting the filler, the changes are irreversible. Thus, you should ask your doctor to inject slowly. In addition, checking your cheeks during the procedure by using a mirror will help ensure that the augmentation is properly done.

Before trying any of these procedures, it is essential to understand the effects and risks of cheek augmentation. In addition, you have to consider the outcome of the procedure if it can really enhance your overall appearance. For women, you should keep in mind that having high cheekbones may result in a face that looks chiseled and manly.

If you are unsure of taking any of these medical approaches, you can temporarily enhance your cheekbone’s appearance by using cosmetic products.

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How to Know if You Have High Cheekbones?

Once you know the characteristics of a person with high cheekbones, you can determine the position of your malar bones through the following steps:

  • Step 1

In determining the location of your cheekbones, you need to stand below a bright light and use a clean mirror. Before starting, your face should be clean and make-up free.

  • Step 2

The next step is to place your thumb above the tragus or the small nub in the external part of your ear. Afterward, place your index finger (the same hand) under your nostrils. From there, move the two fingers until they meet each other. Your cheekbone’s position is in the line drawn by your two fingers.

  • Step 3

After finding your cheekbones, the third step is to identify the bone’s position on your face. As mentioned, if the position of the malar bone is below the eyes, you have high cheekbones. You have low cheekbones if the bones are located near the lower part of the nose or below.

How to Get More Prominent Cheekbones?

Getting an expensive cheek augmentation procedure is not the only option in fixing your cheekbone’s position. Makeup is a powerful tool you can use to emphasize your malar bones.

In the beauty industry, the term contouring refers to the process of shaping and enhancing a facial structure with the use of makeup. You can contour and highlight your cheekbones through the following steps:

  • Before contouring and highlighting your cheekbones, you need several make-up products such as foundation, blush, contouring or bronzing powder, highlighter, and brushes.
  • The first step is to find your cheekbones using the steps mentioned above. Afterward, find the dip under your cheekbones by sucking your cheeks.
  • Before contouring, you need to know the area that needs shape or enhancement and where you should end. Contouring typically ends at the outer tip of your eyebrows.
  • When choosing a contouring powder, pick a product that is darker (two or three shades) than your complexion. Place a small amount of bronzer below your hairline and swipe it downward to create a line in the half part of your cheekbone. The contouring powder should not cross the cheekbone area.
  • Using a brush, apply some blush on the area below your cheekbones. You have to blend the blush and bronzer carefully to get a natural look.
  • The final step is to emphasize the cheekbone by highlighting. Using a smaller brush, apply some highlighter above your malar bones. The highlighter should complement the shade of the contouring powder. If you do not have this makeup product, shimmer blush is a good alternative.

With that, people with low cheekbones can do several methods to get high cheekbones. The simplest way is to learn the various techniques in applying cosmetic products. If you want a permanent or long-term solution, you can undergo malar augmentation procedures. However, one should think this option carefully because it can permanently change your face.