Hadron Collider Destroying the World – No

I think we already know that the Large Hadron Collider or CERN does not have the power to blow up and destroy the world. There isn’t much of a chance. Sure, it’s there, just its way too small.

Of course, the media has done it’s part in all the OMG! WORLD WILL EXPLODE ON WEDNESDAY!’ drama, it has also helped create enough hype to have everyone in the world buy their ticket to heaven via God or eBay and panic about it till everyone else get’s sick of it. But what would the world be without a doomsday story once in a while? However, it’s hardly something the general public can be blamed for, not everyone is an Oxbridge Professor, or one at Yale or Harvard. So no one really truly knows what’s going on save for the science buffs. Makes you wish you listened in science now doesn’t it?

How about we take a nice long look at the facts first. They’re simple, once explained properly, and the sheer obviousness of what the Large Hadron Collider can’t achieve becomes evident at once. The minds of top scientists even say this won’t happen, Stephen Hawking himself has said that any black holes created will evaporate in a matter of microseconds, due to Hawking Radiation’ even though that hasn’t actually been proven to exist yet. Although it is one of the most intelligent men in the world. I doubt he throws a theory out there for a laugh.

When CERN was turned on, it was only done to about a tenth of its power; just enough power to launch those atoms around the track at the speed of a leisurely stroll. The first time it’s turned on is simply an oh look! It works! Look Tom/Dick/Harry, we’re tracking atoms!’ kind of thing. Hardly enough force has even gone into this to destroy anything. Possibly cause a little annoyance with another atom as an electron is stolen, but nothing major at all.

Another thing is that even when the Large Hadron Collider is placed at full power, it still won’t be enough to cause much of a worry. Not compared to what is actually raining down on us from space every single second of every single day. The kind of collisions the CERN hopes to achieve happens much more in nature, and far more powerful.

Cosmic rays come down on to the earth with a power 10x more than what the Hadron Collider can achieve, and shockingly, I’m still here. Are you? The moon has undergone such punishment for 5 Billion years, and it’s still here, no black hole has taken it up yet. We’re safe; we need to stop believing the media on every tiny thing.