Global Warming cause and Effect

Structural Integrity of the Planet Earth.

A ship is man made can loose its structural integrity, if the ballast of its weights and balances is compromised. This can crack a hull with out hitting anything and be sunk, just because it was not balanced properly. A human can be dead or structurally compromised when they don’t eat right, exercise, breath good air, stress release, or just do to many of the wrong things and kill themselves with drugs, overeating, and in general physiology of compromise. Man, nature, or man made its all a matter of structural integrity and balance of the whole constantly maintained to live longer, than the average as painless as possible. If you take a bowling ball and drill holes into it, how long before all those hole cause fissures and cracks that will result in breaking that bowling ball in half. Not long, but if it is left alone with out holes or anything violating its structural integrity it would be here long after you or me die. These are merely simple illustrations to demonstrate a more deadly and complex situation presently.
Every part of this earth has been drilled, mined, excavated, core drilled, mineral mined, and more from the east to the west and the very north to the south. I could list millions of pages of all kinds of drilling, mining, and thousands of structural integrity loss but that would be just stating the obvious. But sometimes the obvious needs to be stated in the simplest of terms to be understood of the more extreme danger we face. Not in the immediate future but very soon. If you multiply the number of holes drilled and mined on shore and off shore and on glaciers, and both arctics world round, you have a structural integrity loss of one hundred years, that the earth does over millions of years naturally. The earth with meteor hits, floods, ice ages of its own natural global warming, and more, does this over thousands of years and maintains its structural integrity on its own. But you take mans greed of the last century to this century and before two hundred years are even up. We will have done two millenniums of damage in two hundred. Now I do not have to explain to you what the odds are of that much damage being done in such a short amount of time. The earth will be here long after us and even if it is a moon. But we have been to the moon and no life exists on it.

The earth can replace and replenish itself, we all know, but not at the rate we are going with mans greed to destroy and destruct the earths structural integrity. We have the technology and the intelligence to live here on earth and not compromise its structural integrity hardly at all. Yet we have those in power over us that prefer war, greed, pollution, destruction and corporate dominance over all things on earth. They do this religiously, politically, and literally 24-7. We are the greatest consumers on earth as a people. We must change our bad habit of destruction and greed commercially and industrially of this planet and only buyand sell environmental friendly products. This is not easy I know. The powers that be will not make it easy for us as consumers or business’ but we must be accountable to ourselves and our planet. Consumers we are in the trillions, so we can use what little power we have, as consumers, to make them slowly adhere to our desires to make more evironment friendly products. Our planet is universally strong, but remember we have drilled holes big enough to drive a train in, into the earth and all through the earth. Now, how long before our bowling ball of earth, cracks in half and becomes an asteroid or gaseous combusted comet of matter. Well maybe only one thousand years, maybe only two thousand years, maybe only one hundred years? We don’t know. We don’t know cause maybe the last earth was the moon we now see. Just a thought is all, nothing confirmed. The facts are we have drilled into the earth in so many places in such a short amount of time, that our earths structural integrity is at total compromise. You have probably never been at sea and lost power or had your ship lose total structural integrity and been at the mercy of the ocean’s power and its inhabitants. Now, do you want to be at the mercy of the universe and its gaseous energy with our planet as a meteor shower of matter and gas? I know I don’t. We will not see this, but I am somewhat unsure. But maybe not our children or our children’s children, but how about the ones after that? Who knows? Truth is no one knows for sure. But one thing is for sure and a guarantee, and that is if we continue on our path of doing nothing on very very large scale to reverse the structural integrity of our planet earth of loss. It will be sooner, rather than later. Picture the earth, as a full moon, as you look at it at night and contemplate, is this what I want for my children, another moon?