Giving Back to the World you Live in

Why planting trees is good for the atmosphere.

For many years, in country areas in Europe, people felled trees for boat-building, planking for woodwork industry and as a means of heat. What many forgot was that re-planting was every bit as important to the environment as the produce from wood. Little by little, whole forests disappeared and are now plains.

In France, the Government have been making strides to address the issue, realizing the benefits to both the environment and atmosphere that tree planting has. They also worked out percentages, and decided in many areas of rural France to give grants to those people wise enough to plant more than a hectare of trees. They were wise to do so. Trees absorb CO2 at an astounding rate, and after ten to twelve years of growing are at their most efficient period for carbon storage.

In order to restore the balance to the atmosphere which has already been damaged by mankind, there have been estimations that over 300 million acres of replanting needs to be done, and delaying this will increase the need. The amount of carbon going into the atmosphere because of human activity is alarming. Not only do trees soak in carbon, but they produce oxygen and during half a century, one tree alone can produce 30,000 dollars worth of oxygen, and has other benefits to the world as well. The re-cycling of water and generation of oxygen, coupled with the absorption factors, mean that a tree is essential, if the balance of our air is to be maintained and protected.

The incentives offered in France are enormous, letting those people that participate be free of land taxes for the rest of their lives. Now that really is an incentive, though even without financial incentive, mankind needs to look at the broader picture and realize the importance of replanting.

Add to this the obvious benefits of tree planting on an aesthetic level, it is easy to see that trees benefit the quality of the air we breathe, and do not play a small part in maintaining atmospheric balance.

Atmosphere can be translated to mean either the air we breathe or the ambiance we live in, and here, the wind break shelter of trees is well known. Trees hide a multiplicity of ugliness, can provide medicinal value, house animals that need their protection, and make atmospheric differences in barren areas, as well as in plush rich parkland areas. They also provide protection for shade loving species of plants, mushrooms, and make a home for insects.

Breathe in the air, and be grateful that the tree population on this earth allows you that luxury. Plant a tree and help save this planet from the devastation caused by human activity.

God knew what he was doing when he created the tree. Mankind is only just learning. Plant a tree and make a difference to the world you live in !