To take a journey into the man, mind, and logic at work is truly based on belief and opinion at best. I have read a lot on Freud and still do to this day. (Everything I can get my hands on as a matter of fact.) His concept and mission to find answers. Not to the things we do right, nope not Freud !He was more interested in what we do wrong and why. He was profound in thinking that if you could find a reason to the bad, you could work to change it. Using bad or harrowing experiences as a stepping stone to get to be where you want to be .Not a stumbling block to hold you back.

He worked more off of ideology and concept than what actually presented itself. He saw beyond what was to find the reason to the psychological flaws. Some thought of him as a great genius. Others saw him as flawed as theindividuals he treated. He had so many theories that dealt with suppression, regression, and worked hard to get people to understand what life experience was doing to bring a person below what they were actually capable of achieving. His concept was that if they could pull and deal with those memories lost and stripped in the catacombs of the mind.They would be the best they could be.

When I think of Frued I picture him behind a red velvet rope as a protected icon. It takes a special kind of open-mindedness to see the importance of his work. Though most of us would never admit it, how many times had someone said to you I had a strange, bad or funny dream? It affects us more than we know. So much that we feel the NEED to tell others of these dreams. What about when you have to comfort your child from dreams? Or when you walk into your child’s room and see them smiling in their sleep? Dreaming is vital to the human Psyche. No one knows why. Could Frued have been 100% right? Do we seek to solve all of the mysteries and problems of our waking mind through dreams? If they are reoccurring dreams, does it make it even more vital to figure out their nagging symbolism?

Therapists, social workers ,and phsycologists still practice and teach of the man and his theories to this day. He still holds some major clout among his peers. I have a theory though, did Frued actually drive himself crazy trying to keep people sane? It is very well known that Frued had a major and long running cocaine problem. I often wonder if this intensified him and his mission. Is it the man’s concepts that intrigueus? or, have we opened up and giving way to a drugged up mind in chaos? Personally, I think the man is a genius. Just my opinion.