Five Senses

The human being has five senses, which help them to survive and have understanding of many different areas of life.  This article will discuss those five senses and give a brief overview of each.

1.  Seeing!  Most human beings are born with two eyes, and those eyes are the tools of the seeing sense.  Seeing is a very important  factor to everyday life and helps us to understand what we are looking at and make sense of it. To be able to open your eyes and see things in everyday life is a privilege and is a wonderful sense that humans have access to.

2.  Hearing!  The two ears that humans have on their head are instruments for the hearing sense.  If there is a noise made, the hearing sense picks it up and processes in our minds what is making that sound. Hearing the birds chirp in the morning allow a person to appreciate nature through their hearing sense.  If something is wrong and you use your hearing sense to hear a screaming noise, you can possibly help to fix the problem.

3.  Tasting!  The mouth is the tool we have been given for the taste sense.  When mom cooks a homemade Thanksgiving meal, you want to be able to taste it and appreciate it.  The taste sense is used for this purpose.  Imagine eating food your whole life without tasting it?

4.  Touching!  Hands are the main tools for the touching sense.  When someone sees something, and wants to know more about it, they touch it to feel the object and be able to explain it more.  Touching someone you love can be one of the greatest things you can do in life and maximizes the use of this sense.

5.  Smelling!  Our nose is the smelling tool and allows us to make sense of something by the way it smells.  Many items are identified by the way they smell.  Some things aren’t pleasant smell, but having the ability to smell is wonderful, especially for chocolate chip cookies.

The five senses enable humans to live a very rewarding life.  Many people lack one or more of these senses and learn how to carry on with a good attitude and many times, they are more talented than people who have all five.  Thank God for the five senses that He gave you!