Is Faint Line Positive Pregnancy Test or Negative?

Can faint line on pregnancy test answer what you are expecting? It is easy to use a home pregnancy test. It looks simple when you see two pink lines you are pregnant, if only one you’re not. Can you feel good after using it or you worry about the positive result. I don’t mean the kit plays your emotion but how much percentage of success result can answer if you are pregnant or not.

Having a baby becomes a must in new family. Buy test kit, and you just pee on a stick then wait for couple minutes. With all hope you want to get positive result which can help you what you will do in next nine months.

Unfortunately not all pregnancy tests give you clear result and perhaps it confuses you, specially you are new mother or women that for the first time to use the kit.

Tip for mother: Try to find an expensive home test kit because it can increase the exact result. Follow the instructions which can find at side the box. Mostly the more sensitive the more accurate result you get.

Faint Line – Positive or Negative?

Confusing for the faint line on your test is normal, but sometime this happen for any mom’s who does not read the instructions. Faint lines become a signal for positive pregnancy test. How does it work? Depends on you hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in women’s urine. It is only found in the body of a pregnant woman, was made by placenta soon after conception and because of the growth of placental tissue. It takes six to ten days after ovulation. Ok, let’s see you are right and follow the instruction of the kit. You will see a very faint line on your test as positive symbol. Yes, you are pregnant now.

Reasons and Causes you Might See a Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

1. Miss-testing
Instruction is the vital point, so read before you use it. Follow the step carefully and it will give high percentage of accurate result. In case you see a faint result, retesting it. It maybe occurs when you are doing testing lack of urine needed by pregnancy test kit for clear result.

2. Testing too early
Need time for get clear result, some process takes long time. Mostly inaccurate result happens when women take a test in early time. HCG in women body is an important thing to do home pregnancy test. Can be a big difference if the level of hCG is low.
Tip: Doing a test after missing your period or 10 days after ovulation is the ideal time.

3. Diluted Urine Sample
The test figures by hCG levels. Take a test in morning will decrease a faint positive result. If you have been drunken lots of liquid, the hCG will be diluted and the test for pregnancy is not easy to detect.
Tip: Do a test as soon as you wake up in the morning.

4. Test sensitivity level
There is a different sensitivity level in test kit. Before you test read instructions carefully. If you buy a test kit with a sensitivity level at 20 MIU, it will detect positive result faster than 50 MIU test.
Tip: Detail of sensitivity level can be found in outside of box, read the details before test for accurate result.

5. Evaporation lines
Evaporation lines come out to show up or not due to the structure of the specific urine sample – and they can happen on any test whatever the brand. Evaporation lines can lead to misunderstanding if it’s not construed within the medically suggested time period. After urine exposure it takes about 5 – 10 minutes for an accurate result. Evaporation lines do not represent a positive result, it generates as urine evaporates making a very faint mark. In this situation mark it as negative result, and suggest you to take test again in the next day.

6. Chemical Pregnancy
Chemical pregnancy becomes term used to identify an extremely early miscarriage. Most of the time, One of difficult part of a chemical pregnancy may be the wrong expectation that it makes – you have excited that you’re currently pregnant – and after that you must face with the smashing disappointment of having to handle a miscarriage.

After a chemical pregnancy you need to wait at least occurring regular period cycle before trying to get pregnant.
Do a test, don’t worry about faint positive pregnancy test, if you follow the instruction in the right way you can get what you are expecting.