Factors that Influence Human Attraction

Have you ever seen an extremely attractive woman with a rather unattractive man on the street and wondered, how in the world did they ever get together?

Perhaps, that is because we often mistake physical attraction as being the most decisive factor in influencing human relationships, particularly when they are of a romantic ilk! Factors determining attraction of human beings – whether romantic, social, or strictly-business – are as widely varied as the stars in the heavens.

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The dictionary defines chemistry as: “science which explores the treatment of the properties of substances and their combinations and reactions”.

When two individual combine (so to say) they either form a mixture or they don’t! Which is to say: there is separation. The relationship does not work. That is not to say it can’t, it just would require a lot more work. And, even with considerable work, the parties involved, like so many puzzle pieces, simply will not fit together comfortably!

Amazingly, there are those instances when the blending of two souls results not merely in a mixture of congeniality, but in an absolutely explosive reaction, and… KABOOM! You have love-at-first-sight!  (Whatever that means. No one has ever been able to “scientifically” explain it.)


Then, there is the commonalities explanation for human attraction. You meet some one and immediately you find that the two of you enjoy the same recreational activities or social causes.

These shared activities can be quite binding when done together and time is spent – continually – over the weeks and months, until a literal habit is formed and you can’t think of yourselves as being apart from one another.


Many times some one who is a deep thinker meets another deep thinker and they find so much about which to converse, that they loose track of time. They make a date to meet again for cappuccino and more stimulating conversation. Before you know it, Voila! – a friendship of epic proportions ensues.The two are inseparable from that day forward.

The twosome will never agree one hundred percent of the time – and even fight like the Dickens over numerous differences of opinion – but, nonetheless, they enjoy one another so much, they remain friends for life!


And, we have all had occasion to observe the notable love-hate relationship. Another enigma to be sure, the parties involved are enraptured half of the time and warring the other half! Many are not-so-healthy. But, a few seem to weather the years…


Whatever the attraction or type of relationship, one thing is definitely certain, – most if not many human attractions defy any REASONABLE explanation!

And, that’s okay with me…