Exploring the possible Connection between Intelligence and Insanity

The connection between intelligence and insanity is more than a possibility. It is a stark reality. One glimpse into the realm of politics will confirm for the honest seeker that the most intelligent among us exist on a plane little understood by the common man.

What other rational explanation can be offered to give context to the last two Presidential administrations?

How else do you explain a man who attained, what many consider to be, the highest political office in the world, yet doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “is”?

How else do you explain someone who loathes the military, yet presides over the military slaughter of innocent lives in Waco?

How else do you explain someone who enjoys the subtle manifestations of a noxious weed absent the required action of inhaling?

How else do you explain the compassionate conservatism of a man who starts a war on the other side of the planet?

How else do you explain a man who advocates a conservative biblical lifestyle, yet promotes more adherents to an alternative lifestyle, with partners present, to high ranking government positions than his predecessor ever thought about?

How else do you explain a man who advocates the rule of law, yet has extended the greatest campaign of non enforcement of law, a.k.a. immigration laws, this country has ever seen?

I could go on ad infinitum, but I trust you get the picture. Modern medicine could lean a great deal just studying the most accessible group of participants ever assembled in one location. Yes, Wasington D.C. could easily become the new headquarters for the Centers For Disease Control simply by acting to stop the spread of the only psychological malady ever proven by verifiable evidence. Of course this will definitely not happen, since the ones controlling the operation of the CDC are the psychological patrons themselves. In this case, the inmates really do run the asylum!

Of course, there might be a case made against the ones who have sent these inmates on their legislative field trip. After all, aren’t these inmates simply reflecting the desires of their electors. Aren’t they just representatives? And don’t they represent…….?

It seems that this connection between intelligence and insanity may have come full circle. Impossible!