Exploring the possible Connection between Intelligence and Insanity

For many years I’d heard the rumors that people with high I.Q.’s bordered on the verges of schizophrenia. Today I hold the firm belief that a person with such intelligence can manipulate the minds and emotions of all people around them. A few short years ago I was engaged to a man who was by far the most intelligent man I’d ever known. Anything I’d ever seen asked him, he answered without hesitation. Questions that even those who’d seemed intelligent to me, had to give thought to.

If you’ve never watched the horror of a mind emptied from draining every ounce of intelligence to prove himself, then you’ve never seen a mind self destruct.

Intelligence is an extremely powerful weapon. That mind is detailed, it forgets nothing, it chooses it’s every vehicle, it’s every path, it’s every venture, and nothing stands in it’s way. It dominates every other vehicle out there, with faster maneuvers, quicker responses- never once gearing down or tapping the brakes. People with less intelligence cannot possibly comprehend most of it’s given theories or it’s decision making processes. It finds the gray area. It defies you that there is no definitive “yes or no” answer, that higher thinking can surface an ” it depends.” It will take everything you think you know and sit smiling at you after it invades your mind with untruth.

It’s like trying to hold water in your hands, or trying to keep snowflakes frozen once they fall. It’s as if you were trying to chew air and it’s impossible to swallow it, let alone digest it. It’s that mind structure that holds the direct link to insanity. When a mind like that empties, the lives of all those people around it are effected, and that mind itself, will never again hold a power that can conquer itself. That mind stands to lose nothing, for every war that it enters it reigns victorious. That mind is silent unless spoken to. Silent unless provoked. That mind will attack your every word until your opinion is the exact same as it’s own. That mind will kill another mind for the thrill and the smell of fresh blood of another mind owned. It hovers over it’s victims standing tall and proud.

That mind finds itself at an intersection pointing left towards intelligence and right towards insanity, and makes the solemn choice to hit the gas, disregard any and all traffic signs and laws and it makes it’s own path straight ahead. The skin wrapped around that mind holds no moral fabric, no values of any other human life. As long as there is air, and blood that keeps it’s heart beating, that mind is fed with thought, develops a hunger, owns it’s own addictions, and it cannot escape within itself. That mind holds a face that is never recognized until it’s too late, it holds an identity of it’s own. That mind can overpower any drugs that might be given to it’s own system. That mind can overpower psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists. That’s the closest thing I’ve ever witnessed that links the intelligence of a mind to insanity.