Exploring Black Holes

Astronomers have made many ground breaking discoveries over the past thirty years or so. Such findings range from planetary formation to cosmic physics and related dynamics. In this last decade overwhelming evidence has been found to support the existence of super massive black holes. It is now believed that one of these is present toward the center of every galaxy. More theories continue to arise concerning these phenomena including the one I am about to propose. In the following I will outline a direct correlation between super massive black holes and the possible reversal of time.

A super massive black hole is an unseen force comprised of dark matter with a severely high gravitational pull. One of these black holes contains mass equal to hundreds of millions of solar properties. Without question it is the most massive object by weight in the entire universe. Yet a black hole holding the entire Earth’s mass is only 0.9 centimeters in diameter. Essentially the size of a super massive black hole is billions of times smaller than what it actually consumes. Although the majority of informative knowledge is unknown, a few ideas about its activities still remain in the minds of astronomers today.

Matter has a special purpose when we talk about super massive black holes. It is solely what keeps black holes in existence. Without a feeding stream of matter, a black hole would literally collapse leaving empty space. The enormous gravitational pull ensures long term survival by swallowing large quantities of matter. While the mere existence of a black hole is being preserved, whole galaxies are basically obliterated. An absence of X-ray bursts inside the black holes has led some scientists to theorize an event horizon. The reason is simple as condensed matter should set off nuclear charge explosions. This is especially true considering a portion of the said matter comes from star dust and various gasses. A lack in explosive activity means all matter has essentially vanished from within a super massive black hole.

Time and matter have a somewhat indirect but important relationship. The Earth’s distance from the sun dictates our relative cycle of one day. Basically, the further from the sun the slower a day’s full revolution will take. In addition to this is the weight of mass as a factor as well. The heavier mass is the more time is affected. For example, a one hundred pound ball on a given slope will roll at a slower velocity than a fifty pound ball. Since velocity is directly related to mass weight, energy, and time, the same exact properties apply to a super massive black hole. Higher mass therefore alters time to a slow rate.

The theory of time reversal has extraordinary implications upon its possible realization. It is based essentially on the excessive mass swallowed by a black hole. As an object moves closer to a black hole it also is pulled farther from the sun. This object’s mass plus solar distance gives us estimation on perceived time. As matter nears a black hole it naturally gains more weight mass. Consequently, the speed of the object gradually becomes slower resulting in a direct shift in velocity. As an object reaches the center of a black hole, all time would literally slow to a halt. Assuming there isn’t an event horizon matter continuously will build up. At some point a portion of this accumulation must be forced elsewhere by compressed energy. Following a part of the space-time continuum, a mirror universe exists on the opposite side of a super massive black hole. In short, what goes in will be shot out the other side.

Only one more aspect needs to be considered for analysis of this theory. The simple assumption there exists a mirror universe implicates a possible reverse reality. Whatever passes through a super massive black hole will endure immediate metamorphosis. Theoretically time will literally stand still at the precise center point. Therefore, time starts again as matter is expulsed out the other side. With the understanding of an opposite universe we can theorize backward motion. In the same concept of backward motion lies a reversal in time. Thus, the theory of time reversal now becomes an even greater possibility.

A super massive black hole may indeed possess such mind boggling capabilities. Mankind would undergo unimaginable changes if this theory was ever proven beyond a doubt. In theory, this is all very possible in the not so distant future. Scientists uncover hidden mysteries of the universe on nearly a daily basis. Perhaps one day ultimate proof will be provided concerning the time reversal theory.