Explanation of the Big Bang


So this is what we do know

Our galaxy so they say contains more than a hundred million stars, our nearest star is called the Sun, and the Sun is the source of all our power, the galaxy is said to be one hundred thousand light years thick and our galaxy is just one of hundred millions of billions of others and is forever expanding in the universe.

The universe expands at twelve million miles a minute (Speed of light) The universe is keeper of everything that exists, that’s matter, space, energy and time. Time as we know it doesn’t exist at all in space because there isn’t really a beginning or an end to it in fact.

now this is What they think they know

The so-called Big Bang’ (the creation of our universe) supposedly happened 15,000 million years ago. Now come on, how the f*ck do they know that? they also reckon that the big bag and the universe that we are apart of has been exploding out for eternity, how long is that? according to them clever b*rds ‘they say’ it’s going to fold in on its self and happen again and again and again and again….. I think it was Einstein who came up with that theory of relativity so he must know he was supposed to be a genius. How he came up with that theory then? who cares I’m not a as clever as him, it had something to do with the speed of light slowing down or some load of mind numbing idea like that, but forget all that cr*p that bloke invented the nuke… all you need to know is its been given the name
The Big Bang’

Why? who cares, The one thing that we can all agree on is and I’m sure you all will agree…. the Universe seems to be pretty vast so if you agree in that you should stop worrying about why, how and when and enjoy your existence, you are a phenomenon the chance that any life even exists on this planet is quite amazing to say the least so go and live it, enjoy it, take you boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, sit under the stars tonight and make love and let us all have a big bang.

We are as rare as a snow flake in the Desert.’ Your Amazing……