Euthanize – Ethical

The Nuremberg War Crimes trials placed upon the international public record the knowledge that the Nazi regime euthanized over 275,000 mentally ill and retarded men, women and children. Nazi Germany’s evil and twisted and unconscionable argument for undertaking this costly and arduous program was that these people were “undesirables”, and a burden upon German society.

The reasoning was completley flawed but Nazi Germany epitomized nothing if not flawed reasoning. The question should not have been whether these people provided value but whether their misery could be eradicated by euthanizing them.

The question should then have been whether these people wanted to die. Obviously the Nazi regime never cared to ask questions like these. But modern society should and should do so more often.

Life is not for everyone. It really isn’t. Do you really believe in rejoicing in the non-achievements of the mentally defective or those with bebiliatating physical defects? To me that seems like a kind of condescending bullying.

Do you have this kind of Special Olympics mindset that delights in seeing some guy with mental of physical defect feel so much better about himself because he defeated a bunch of other guys with equally obvious mental or physical defect in a race a pro athlete could have run in one-fifth of the same time or less?

Mentally challenged people are theoretically never going to have any kind of quality of life beyond people with average intellect or above pretending to be in awe of their sad attempts at normalcy. Putting people such as this out of their collective misery might be a good idea and the only humane thing to do under the circumstances.

But are the mentally challenged miserable? Perhaps their perceived defect is an odd kind of blessing. They do say that ignorance is bliss. If that is true then why are so many neo-conservatives angry all the time?

I am unapologetically pro-death. If you have read my other articles you’ll see that I am firm believer in thinning the herd that is humanity. I am for direct encouragement of abortion particularly when the individuals in question have an ancestral line which includes mental illness or incest.

If society was to limit the right to life to those that could actually have real lives a lot of society’s ills would sort themselves out.
People can’t figure out how these kinds of individuals can be happy in this life.

And I have news for you – there is nothing that comes after this. You live, you die, you become worm food. That is it. This is not a dry run or a tryout. There is no special place in heaven for people who suffered through a life of retardation, or excrutiating terminal disease or the inability to move from the neck or the waist down.

There is only the here and now for them, the dread of tommorrow and the pain of memories from the past. They do not get to be supermodels or presidents or socialites or movie stars in the next life because, quite obviously there is no next life or heaven.

You can hear countless evangelical Christians talk about life being sacred. But the fact is that all scientific evidence suggests that life is not sacred but quite obviously accidental.