Military Experiments using Chemical Weapons and Drugs on Humans

We are all familiar with those old movies in which the “bad guys” are doing weird military and medical experiments on an unsuspecting public. Before the movie ends the “good guys” have taken out the baddies and saved those innocent folks and subsequently the world. Most often the bad guys have some kind of foreign accent and the good guys have an “American accent”. From this we are left with the impression the bad guys are others and the good guys are us. Well, we couldn’t be involved in military experiments it’s always the “other” people who are involved in that kind of nastiness.

Well, the American military has been involved in an incredible number of military experiments performed upon both the civilian population and military people. Many might find this hard to believe; after all we are the good guys here and not the so-called bad guys. It’s only the bad guys who are involved in that kind of activity.

Most of us are familiar with the war crimes of the Nazi regime in Germany during and prior to WWII but what exactly made those war crimes? Well, and this is just my opinion and it may seem controversial, it seems to me that the only reason any Nazi was convicted of anything was because they lost the war. Had the Allies lost the war it is conceivable that they might have been found guilty of war crimes.

As it is we see Nazis and their sympathizers are monstrous. Too monstrous to even be considered human beings. They seem to have become devoid of all that made makes us human. Maybe war does crazy things to all sorts of people not just Nazis or, for that matter, their Japanese counterparts.

A 1942 US Navy experiment saw a Harvard biochemist inject 64 civilians with beef blood. These 64 civilians were prisoners so perhaps that was how they justified it but if you are familiar with Nazi experiments; how dissimilar are these blood injections with what some of the Nazi doctors were doing? Answer: they are really not dissimilar at all. In fact they are exactly the same thing.

Again in 1942, a group called Chemical Warfare services began testing mustard gas on American soldiers. 4000 military men were submitted to this until around 1945. In 1945 the experiments on military personnel stop and they are replaced by Seventh Day Adventists who volunteer instead of going off to war.

Yes, the Nazi regime was filled with murderous butchers but the same could be said for American military personnel who engaged in these and many, many other insane experiments over the years. Don’t think for one second that what I have noted has been the beginning and the end of such experiments. It would be easy to speculate that the US military is engaging in similar behavior today. You just won’t hear about it for 20 or more years; after all, the torture and use of American military and civilian personnel is a matter of state security.