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Accepting personal and collective responsibility

During the process of personal evolution there has come an understanding that was once not even a possibility in my conscious mind. The Higher Self has begun to emerge from a condition of darkness, allowing light to enter into each day. This Light is sometimes bright, sometimes dim, but nonetheless shines to a degree that allows me to become aware of an experience called awakening. It is an awakening from selfish, self centered desires to a more considerate approach of living this current life on our home world and choosing to “bring to” rather than just “take from”.
As this awakening takes place, I find myself caught in a conflict that, at times, causes me to wrestle with my spiritual self resulting in: confusion and misunderstanding, highs and lows to the extreme, acceptance in one hand and judgment in the other, or serenity and unrest; coexisting in the same space. As a result of these differences, a struggle persists inside that, based on a lifetime of experience, can at times be very challenging to live with.
Unruly egos of the body and mind, ah yes, unbridled ego is a powerful force; remain steadfast in their mission to keep me as I was for so long. The consequence of unconscious submission to these energies has evolved to choice; one that forces me to choose between giving up and surrender, as I no longer have the luxury of living with closed eyes fore the Light shines to a degree which makes denial of its presence impossible.
The Light is expressed through the words of a book or conversation, a new thought or ancient memory, a physical sensation or sense of knowing, a resonating vibration or the experience of natural emotion. It is also expressed as the concussion of rage and violence, hunger and lack, pain and suffering, or darkness; deep darkness, because as I have been brought to understand over the recent past, we must live in darkness to know light and suffering to know pleasure and despair to know joy.
We are blessed to live in a world endowed with so many resources. This beautiful physical structure called earth offers an abundance of water, space to grow food and live within, sources of fuel, wonders to see, activities and cultures to experience and for the foreseeable future, is the only one we have. So here we are: arguing, bickering, fighting, withholding, hoarding, controlling, conspiring against and generally acting negatively towards one another while all the time claiming to care about the health and well being of our fellows. I have read the printed word and listened to the daily accounts, as we all have, and observed our historical records enough to know there is a serious discrepancy between what is stated and how it actually is.
I am caused to wonder how many in the developed world see, or care about, the disturbing conditions in such a large portion of our world. I wonder how many of us remember that a great majority of our fellows cannot find food or clean water every day. I wonder how many of us think about the billions of humans that live under the threat of death and suffering resulting from political, social and other human activities. I also wonder how many of us feel any sense of responsibility for the existence of these conditions.
That sometimes dim, sometimes bright Light previously referred to is showing me that I (we) do indeed share responsibility for these conditions and have the ability to bring about change. The Light is telling me the human race is angry, tired and confused; it is telling me the time of “power over” no longer needs to be the controlling force in our life experience. It is telling me to let go of past and look to the future through eyes that seek kinder, gentler ways. It is telling me to choose to share and bring healing and offer assistance to those in need rather than look the other way. It is telling me there is enough for every person on this planet to eat healthy food and drink clean water every day. It is telling me the balance of nature is a direct result of the type of energy that created this planet and is maintained by the collective conscience of its inhabitants. It is also showing me over and over, what I (we) give, I (we) get. What I (we) give, I (we) get. What I (we) give, I (we) get.
The Light has led me to read and listen to works by messengers such as Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Antoinette Moltzan, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz and others. As a result, the process of awakening has begun. This awakening seems far too slow at times; I suspect that is because it is a process which, by its nature, takes time. For that, I can be grateful, for without the passage of time how else could I read the books, comprehend the message, think the thoughts and consider so many of the possibilities?
Even though the pace of awakening has quickened, I sometimes judge my progress as too slow and flawed. Ah yes, progress is much easier to “think” than live; and requires a continuous commitment to willingness, patience, acceptance and understanding. Here’s to continuous commitment!