According to a story written within a well known weekly news magazine it seems that the worst polluters of the environment are “Public Utilities.” Yes, most of those fossil fueled powered electric generation plants are spewing millions of tons of carbon emissions each year into the atmosphere. As a result, many environmental scientists now believe that such behavior is a major cause to what is known as “Global Warming.”

The perdicted result includes the extinction of dozens of different kinds of animals, the displacement of tens of millions of people and the loss of millions of square miles of land. The expected “Climate Change” will cause crop failures, droughts, violent weather events and might even cause a “World War” between the, so called, developed Nations of our World.

As it happens, another example of environmental crime was the testing of nuclear weapons on the desserts of Nevada and New Mexico. According to a story published in another well known monthly magazine, the highest per-capita mortality rate within the United States of America is the Northern half of the State of Arizona and the Northern Center of the State of New Mexico. There is no doubt within my mind that such Government authorized tests of those nuclear weapons did truly cause some kind of cancer that, in time, killed tens of thousands of people.

Granted, Arizona is a favored retirement State, but Florida is also a favored State for retirement and that per-capita mortality rate is within the overall average mortality rate for the entire Country. It should go without saying that those of you who truly care about the well being of your future generations should conduct your own research on the subject of environmental crime.

Additionally, water pollution is no less a serious issue, together with the creation of energy from renewable sources. As it happens, radiant energy from our Sun must, as time passes, become a major producer of electricity, as well as thermo energy.

In that regard, the creation and the use of hydrogen is no less an important source of pollution free electric and heat energy. In the meantime, the Federal Environment Protection Agency should enforce the anti-pollution laws that are currently in place.

So too, Our elected politicians should most certainly create laws reduce the amount of those millions of tons of yearly carbon emitions caused mainly by those “Public Utilities” and our modes of transportation.