As we all know, atoms and molecules are particles, no matter how small they might be. So too, protons neutron and electrons are particles. They are the building blocks of the three states of matter that exists within our Universe. Those three kinds of matter are known to us as being a liquid, gas or a solid. As a matter of fact, some elements can exist as a liquid, solid or a gas. You see, the temperature of the matter in question is the determining factor of the physical state of the matter in question.

Water can be ice. Carbon dioxide can be a solid or a gas and oxygen can be a liquid or a gas, just to describe a few of the elements that change their physical state when heat is added to or taken out of the element. The point here is the fact that the molecules of many elements, being particles in their own right, can exist within the atmosphere. Carbon gas, which is carbon in its gaseous form, is claimed to be the cause of global warming. Therefore, we must remove the carbon from our atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, most of the particles of the elements that float around in the atmosphere can or are harmful to living things and our environment. Lead is such an element that was once added to gasoline for the purpose of the lubrication of engine parts. I wonder, how many people suffered brain damage from breathing the polluted air within the big cities of our Country?

When most fossil fuels are burned the burned particles of the solid or liquid state of the fossil fuel in question are ejected into the atmosphere. The heaviest of those particles fall back to Earth as what is referred to as soot. In a city that is highly industrialized those little black spots of soot are everywhere. Like it or not, that particle pollution is the result of the building of pollution spewing factories by what are the multinational corporations of the World today.

That soot also accumulates on the inside of smoke stacks or is discarded as the burnt ashes that remain after the fuel has exhausted all of its energy. Yes, energy can exist as a liquid, a solid and/or a gas and that energy is given up when heat is added to the element. You create what is known as a fire, whose energy is used to create electricity, manufacture products and otherwise improve our living condition.

How well will we be if global warming continues and ends up being the cause for the complete destruction of our environment and kills all living things? The atmosphere near the surface of the Planet Venus is now hot enough to melt lead. As time passed, that too will be the fate of Earth, or maybe Mankind will wise up before it is too late. Living a Green Friendly way of live is our only real solution for saving our environment.