Effects of Serum Uric Acid Levels on Blood Pressure

The blood pressure of any individual is affected by a number of factors. Some factors like healthy diet and exercise have positive effects on blood pressure while other factors have negative effects. Serum uric acid levels are one of the contributing factors that affect the normal blood pressures of any person. It is a waste resulting from metabolism of the food intake. Uric acid builds up when it gets concentrated in substantial quantity or when the body is unable to excrete it. The saturation of uric acid above or below the normal levels affects the blood pressure, thereby inviting numerous problems.

1. Effects of high serum uric acid levels on blood pressure

Concentration of serum uric acid levels in bigger quantity is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. The increase in the levels of uric acid disrupts normal blood pressure levels; as a result of this, the blood pressure of a person rises. The increased blood pressure results in numerous other problems like nausea, vomiting, fatigue. In addition to these minor side effects, the disruption in blood pressure caused due to concentrated serum uric acid levels also contributes to major problems like cardiovascular diseases which is highly risky. Similarly, high blood pressure also acts as a major factor for the development of type 2 diabetes among many people. Moreover, abnormal uric acid levels on blood pressure lead to obesity and renal problems. High concentration of uric acid levels in the blood is also responsible for forming uric stones in kidneys. This happens when uric acid crystallizes in kidneys which in turn cause problems like dehydration and chronic diarrhea.

2. Effects of low serum uric acid levels on blood pressure

On the other hand, low levels of uric acid also have harmful effects on blood pressure. Lower serum values in uric acid lowers the blood pressure which can cause multiple sclerosis. Similarly, lower blood pressure can result in development of arthritis in some people, especially seniors. Besides this, low blood pressure also acts as a contributor in lowering the rate of heart beats, thereby inviting cardiovascular problems. Moreover, low blood pressure, as a result of low levels of serum uric acid, leads to tiredness. This slows down the immunity system of a person. The immunity system of a person helps in fighting any kind of diseases; hence, the slow down of immunity system reduces a person’s ability in fighting any viral or bacterial attacks.

Thus, abnormal levels of serum uric acids have several harmful effects on the blood pressure of a person which can cause various health problems. Therefore, it is very important to keep the serum uric levels under control with proper diet and exercise in consultation with your medical provider.