Ecology of this biome Earth

The integrated ecology of the environmental biology for our living space, surroundings and other biome relationships is in neglect. The resulting effect is Earth’s biome/ecology is in disrepair. This is due to the shortsighted nature of the human animal that focuses on survival gains rather than energy parity. The story of this travesty starts as humans acquire the notions of usury, which is advantage and manipulation. The pristine virginity seen in the Lascaux paleolithic wall paintings of animals dated to the Magdalenian period; from that point human innocence began to fade and wither with every generation of human ancestry that plundered nature’s resources.

Cause of ecologic condition: Once humans discovered the ways and means to use each other for their selfish ends, advantage and manipulation the clogs of the greed-machine started to churn out the negative nastiness that is inherent in exclusive, evil-selfishness of the money-monger world. Humanity and nature continue to suffer the impacts resulting from the greed of human will.

Imbalance of ecologic condition: When the forces of the natural habitat environment were stronger than human encroachment, it was less impacted by population density, its products, its waste-products and the by-products that result from the doings of people, their industry, manufacturing and distribution of their goods. Nature was able to maintain a level of correction in the struggle of compensating for what humans messed up. In the past, nature would provide plagues and famine to curtail local human encroachment. Now the environment is demonstrating a global impact. It can no longer cope with the rate with which humans affect it. The environment is yielding to the force that humans exert against it. The forces are small, but cumulatively these forces have a devastating effect on the ability of nature to balance the equation of destruction, harm and hindrance.

Example of ecologic imbalance: Here is one small example of how the small forces of humans have culminated in the devastating disturbance, affect and distress. Maybe you know of and remember or maybe not, but, once upon a time, after the freshwater fish could no longer maintain their population on their own due to the disruption of their water environment and the rate at which they where taken – humans intervened. The fish and game commissions stocked fish to maintain a semblance of parity in the human-to-nature congruency –

“Humans thought they could manage nature at a human pace.” It was thought that once the fish were introduced they would propagate; they did not, and the conditions are only becoming more grave, serious and alarming. Most rivers and streams are now depleted of native life and have scavenger lifeforms that can live in impacted environments, much like the lesser trees and shrubs that infill and take over where hardwood trees are taken excessively. In the same way, when the bottom of the food chain is disrupted the top is also disrupted. The animals that relied on the fish become impacted so the predators that rely on the fish-eaters are in turn disrupted. The scenario plays out like a sad movie, where the good guy dies in the end due to the collective stupidity of his peers.

Mismanagement of Earth’s ecologic environment: All the human management strategy concepts of the past have failed miserably in that the conditions have gone from bad to worst. The continued degradation of the environment, ecology and surroundings has made it evident that the multiple impacts are irreversible and Earth’s collective environment will continue to decline.

Righting the wrongs: The only way to curb the trend is to reduce the impact, cause and effect; that would take reducing population, not just its growth but in the sheer numbers of people on the face of the Earth. Even with this strategy, it will not be easy. It will require repairing the damage done. It will require planning, goals and objectives focused on developing new sets, systems and categories of biota that can meet the needs of the animal kingdom and the other creatures that people want to be part of evolution.

Recognition of wrongs: Humans raping and pillaging the earth for resources has realized its toll. The casualties killed and injured are many, and the conditions now are bleak, barren and stark. The Earth is no longer its lush, rich and vigorous self. Terra is in a state of decline like an old peasant, the farmer – serf that was used and abused by all the greed-driven humans who took advantage of the produce churned out by the way, universe, and temperament of the peasant and nature as they provided their resources.

Resolution to proceed: People now must come to terms with human will, emotions and desires: Are humans to continue on the path of destruction or are they going to face their errors and change their course? The quality of the air, water and soil of the world is reduced now because of human activity. Humans do not consider these essential elements when they make their aristocratic-boardroom decisions to conquer, plunder and devastate in the name of their right to possess the Earth.

It must be understood that humans are the biological result of nature; nature is the ruler, not the humans it derived. Humans must play by nature’s rules, not the contrived letter of human laws that money has bought. It is a fundamental lesson that humanity has failed to learn. Are people capable; do humans posses the capacity, ability and potential to survive on nature’s natural terms of inclusive civil-selflessness?