Do you believe that aliens have already visited our planet?

In pondering the question of weather or not we have already been visited by aliens, I must say that this has been, and will more than likely be a question that will haunt man until that proof is provided. However, my answer to this age old question is yes, and the sought after proof has been with us since the beginning of written records themselves, and this proof lies within the cunieform records left to us by the ancient Sumerians.

The Ancient Sumerians

The ancient Sumerians have been responsible for every major development introduced to man including the wheel, astronomy, numerical calculations, and the animal drawn cart, just to name a few. Their records have described how a race of people known to them as the Anunnaki came to Earth from the planet of Nibiru. These ancient records in the form of clay tablets, and cylinder shaped writtings, dating back over 4,000, years have depicted our solar system from the very beginning, when there was only the Sun, which the Sumerians called Apsu, which when translated means “one who exists”, then there was Mercury, which they called Mummu or “one who was born”, along with a planet called Tiamut, which translates into “the maiden of life”. At this point in time the Sumerians say that the acreation disc that formed the planets, was still in its infancy, meaning that the other planets were still forming. Now approximately 4 billion years ago this plantesimal growth was nearing its completion, with all the planets in the following order starting with the Sun (Apsu), Mercury (Mummu), Venus (Lahamu), Mars (Lahmu), Earth (Tiamut), Jupiter (Kishar), Saturn (Anshar), Pluto (GaGa) Uranus (Anu), and Neptune (Ea). Now I know that you are thinking that this alignment sequence is wrong, but stay with me here.

Nibiru and its Destiny

It was at this time a rouge planet entered our solar system, at an oblique angle akin to that of say Haley’s comet. When this planet that the Sumerians called Nibiru entered our solar system it came in at a direction opposite that of our systems rotation (retrograde), and came very close to(in between)Neptune and Uranus, so close in fact that due to tidal forces imparted on Nibiru by these two planets, a piece of Nibiru was torn off and became a moon of Neptune we know today as Triton. Know if you think about this Triton is the only moon of Neptune to have an orbit different than its other moons, it to is retrograde. Nibiru then continues on to strike Uranus,causing Uranus to tilt on its axis as we see it today, in addition to this four moons were tidally pulled from Uranus, and continued on with Nibiru. These moons were named “the four winds” (north wind, south wind, east wind, west wind) by the Sumerians. These four moons were added to the three smaller moons that Nibiru already had.

As Nibiru continued on its fateful journey, it passed Saturn and Jupiter, now it is this passing that will change forever the fate of Nibiru, for now it is captured gravitationaly, and becomes a part of our solar system. As it passes Saturn the small dwarf planet Pluto is torn from between Jupiter and Saturn, and is thrown towards Mars and Venus, where it is sling shotted back towards Saturn, who inturn pushes it out to the edges of our solar system, where it resides today.

Fate Draws Near

Now, the great intruder Nibiru is heading for its date with destiny Tiamut(earth). Through the tidal forces exerted on Tiamut by Jupiter and Saturn on one side, and Mars and Venus on the other side, Tiamut has for centuries been pulled this way and that way, until pieces of it have formed 12 moons orbiting around it. The largest of these moons is Kingu (the great emissary) we know it as our Moon, which at the time was well on its way to becoming a planet itself, to be situated between Tiamut and Jupiter.

As Nibiru approaches, it comes near enough to Tiamut that thae gravitational forces of Tiamut pull on Nibiru’s moons as they orbit around Nibiru. This pull causes these moons to collide with Tiamut, along with it’s 11 moons, and Kingu. This collision tears off about a third of Tiamut’s surface, and throws Tiamut towards the Sun, but thankfully, the tidal forces of Mars and Venus capture it, and place it in the balanced orbit around the Sun between Mars and Venus. The debris from the collision remains in orbit between Mars and Jupiter, and becomes what is today known as the “Asteroid Belt”, which the Sumerians called the “hammered bracelet”.

It is very strange to me to read these documents, for the knowledge of our solar system to have been known to such an ancient race of people is very strange indeed, but no stranger than the Sumerians name givin to Uranus (EA) which means “He who’s house is water”. Ever seen pictures of Uranus, or looked at it through a telescope?… its blue.

The Sumerians go on to tell of how the Annunaki created a labor force of hybrid humans (through descriptions that could only be those of gene splicing) to work for them, and how these Anunnaki set up a government, and ruled the Earth for centuries. There descriptions of such Sumerian stories as the Epic of Gilgamesh was written a thousand years before the proposed great flood, but yet it describes events exactly,as if the Hebrew version was taken from it, which it could very well have been.

So if you are looking for proof that aliens have been here before, well look no further. For how could these people have described events and objects in space, that could have only been seen from space, unless somebody told them…think about it? These records are history, and describe events that can be explained no other way, so remember the “Truth is Out There”.