Do we have to think Scientifically to Find the Truth

In Aristotle’s book of Metaphysics, *he argues that there is a certain principle, that it is not just hypothesis, and it cannot be proved, since it is employed in all proofs. This principle is known as “the Principle of Non-Contradction” or PNC. And it states “the same attribute cannot at the same time belong and not belong to the same subject and in the same respect”. He states there is a “first philosophy”, that this is the most general of sciences, and it must address the most fundamental principles the common axioms that are used in all reasoning. Thus, first philosophy must also concern itself with the principle of non-contradiction. Yet, he states “This science of first philosophy cannot offer a proof of the PNC, since the PNC is presupposed by any proof one might offer any purported proof of the PNC would therefore be circular”

I believe Aristotle hit it on the head with what he says here. This “first philosophy” and these “fundamental principles” are Truth. He states then that Truth must concern itself with PNC, it cannot be contradictory and any attempt at proving this would be circular. That this “circular” attempt is science and it will never find Truth. Truth is outside of the physical world and the physical world is evidence of Truth. As Aristotle puts it “the same attribute (Truth) cannot at the same time belong and not belong to the same subject and in the same respect”. Truth being objective, cannot be subjective and remain as Truth. Science studies the subjective particles. Truth is whole, it cannot be perceived in pieces and be discerned “wholly” accurate. Truth is complete, there is no “partial” Truth, for apart it cannot be seen as what it is. Science has toyed with a “Theory of Everything” for centuries but to no avail, yet is revealed in Truth. There is only one way to know the Truth, for as Truth is complete as it is whole, it is therefore only one, and to know it must be also completely, as one intuitively…

Intuition is self-evident Truth. Self-evident means evident unto itself, Truth, not evident unto man’s understanding or knowledge of it. Intuition reveals Truth which is fundamental (base) principle (law). Truth being synonymous with Reality is defined as “independent” of all ideas concerning it and from which all things are derived. This is base and this is self evident. Self evident Truth does not need to be known, experienced, accepted or tried to be True. Man tends to believe that what is evident is true and what is true regarding this evidence is base. This is untrue. Science once believed the atom to be base, this was untrue. Science seeks to discover what is unknown through theories based on what is known, which is the base at the level of man’s understanding and experience, at that present time, this does not establish that it is any way base as to Truth/Reality. And there is nothing intuitive about this base knowledge. This is all derived from trial and error and it just follows in line with cause and effect.

There is no evidence of what is known to man that justifies the assumption of it being True Reality.

Through logical reasoning everything that man is aware of knowing to exist, exists through cause and effect. If through what is known of action; having to have an “outside” force to stir it to such, then cause itself is an effect, being an action. If cause and effect is the base law in the “world” that is evident to man, and everything is in motion, there has to be something outside of or beyond this world to done so. For law to be law it has to be fundamental (base, firm, solid), in the state of its rule, it has to be consistent and it has to be unalterable, if any of these were not established then it would not be reliable. If it were not reliable then any and all scientific theory is baseless and useless, for at the time an alteration or inconsistency is presented that theory is no longer verifiable. So if this is true then logic would have to be that Truth/Reality exists outside of what is known or knowable exponentially and intuition is the potential to which Truth/ Reality can be known. This “knowing” does not necessitate verification, but only for man’s comprehension and use, whether or not man comprehend’s it does not make this untrue but it is cause for unbelief since man puts so much emphasis on the sense experiences as facts.

Evidence that Truth/Reality exists is expressed through the law of cause and effect, since both are actual effects, and everything that has being; is effectuated in accordance to Newton’s Law of motion. In Heb 1 it states the Son reflects the image and glory of God and Gen tells us that man was created in the image and likeness of God. Son=man=creation are all one effect that represents Truth/Reality, aka God. In order for an idea to become manifest there needs a buffer. But the idea was the reality before the manifestation. Time/space/gravity (which constitutes action) is the buffer between the idea and the manifestation. When you draw a picture on a piece of paper, the picture in your mind existed before you drew it and the piece of paper is the buffer. The idea in this state is a potential, it is self-evident as itself, realization is Reality expressed, this expression reflects the idea, in the image and glory of itself, they are not one in the same but they are a particulate of like matter. Reality is complete, its expression is to the extent of its consciousness of it and its ability to reason conscientiouslessly. Conscious is its awareness, conscience is its law and love is its expressive force. Love’s purpose is to express itself, as it is known consciously and conscientiously to the particulate matter. The expression having only self evident realization does not comprehend its particulate matter therefore defines itself as its own Truth.

In the OT the bible refers to God as the Lord of hosts, and just as a piece paper hosts your idea so to does creation host this Reality. Man thinks he makes “new” things from “new” ideas as he becomes aware (conscious) of greater abilities (conscience) but all man actually does is re- form particulate matter. Intuition then becomes the realization that science/life is like building castles in the sands, there is nothing new under the sun all is a vanity and a chase after wind…

As I sought to know Truth, some things I found were quite curious. I am a fanatic about the dictionary and when I used it certain things amazed me. For one, as I was researching the “fundamental” forces and I looked up “fundamental” and found it meant base, bottomline, foundation, something to which a thing is built upon, it was much like the definition of Truth, as it states “from which all other things derive”. I said to myself, hmmm, how can these forces be fundamental? This infers there was nothing to which these forces were based upon. I thought “this cannot be true”. Then I happened upon the word power and it is defined as the ability to “resist” a force. I said to myself again this is a curious thing too. Then I read in Ps 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God ” and I put 2 and 2 together. To be “still” would be very difficult with all the “forces” of nature about you. Then I read somewhere that these forces were fundamental in our physical world, so that does not necessarily make them base. Forces cause motion and motion creates illusion. Just look at a ceiling fan when it is off, you see each blade individually, but when you turn it on high, the blades appear to be one circle. Again, I thought, hmmm, the whole Universe is in motion. The earth is spinning on its axis and at the same time its revolving around the sun, nothing is still. Everything scientifically is calculated relative to all this motion, there is no “rest” mass per se, it too is relative. Science uses things like vectors, fields and frames to single out for calculations. What then is reality? If the faster things move the more illusive they get, what are we really “seeing”? Then I realized “be still” is power and power is resistance. If I want to know Truth, resisting, therefore, the flow of the world, would be the doorway to Reality, intuitively.

Rev 3:20 “Behold! I stand at the door knock, if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come into him and dine with him, and him with me”

*notes taken from: S. Marc Cohen 2003