Division by zero Communist Society Disadvantaged Masses Infinity – No

When dividing a number by zero, lets stay practical. Say, I have ten apples. I need to divide them between ten same size families (10 member each). It is usually understood, that dividing has to be in equal portions, very abstract act indeed, because in real life things are more often divided among people unequally. Anyway, in my little communism (or utopia) model it should be happening naturally or lets pretend it does. Each family gets one apple. Then nine families move away, go on vacation, etc, and only one family is still there to get the apples. When I have ten apples ( at the source) and I divide it by one family, I have to give this family all ten apples. From the source the apples are moved to the destination. Now there is zero apples at the source, and ten in that family.

While, thinking logically, I could give this family one apple, as before, and they’d be happy, while I’d have nine apples left at the source. 10: 1= 10:10=10-9=1 🙂 The next day nine members of this family go to New York. Apparently, my source of apples is getting renewed consistently, and I have to divide those yet another ten apples by 0.1. Logically thinking, I can give this person one apple, that’s how much he got yesterday, or even 0.1 apple, if yesterday I’d given them one apple for the family. However, if my rules have consistency, I will divide 10 apples by 0.1 and give this person all ten apples (not 100). He gets more apples than a day before (1 apple) and more than two days before ( 0.1 apple). Each of this transactions leaves the source empty, zero, no apples.

Only first day feeds whole ten families, the second day leaves nine of them with zero apples, third day leaves 9.9 of them with zero apples. Thus, one person’s luck grows very fast, because something was not given twice to ninety people, and once to the other nine people. Say, the next day this person gets sick from overeating apples. He does not want them anymore. I, at my magic source, have again 10 apples, but no one to give them to. I divide 10 by 0, it makes it 0 apples at destination, yes, but, hey, still 10 at the source, in my possession!
Finally, I can sell them and make some money! 🙂

Dividing by 0 is real, it leaves the number unchanged, but only at the source, while at destination, sorry, it is 0. I do not see where the infinity is ? Of course, if that person kept falling apart in smaller and smaller entities and loosing them, each surviving piece would get larger and larger portion of apples in relation to itself, while they would still be ten apples running the show.

In this practical example zero signifies perpetually unending profits derived from unequal distribution. In society, where goods are not distributed for free, and people have to pay for them, those kind of unending profits mean zero advantage given to the masses price wise, while reaches pile up indefinitely at the source. Plus, the refilling of the source is provided again by those, only partially naturally, but mainly artificially, disadvantaged masses.