Division by zero – No

I see mathematicians and teachers on here saying that you can divide by zero based upon studies by “insert rule by whoever.” Why don’t we simplify, no pun intended, this question. Can you divide by zero. Nope, you cannot, but you can start with an assumption and make the answer yes. If I throw some algebra in there, the slope of a line is undefined if the denominator is ‘0’. So 1/0 = undefined line, 10/0 = undefined line, and 345436346/0 = undefined line.

Look at the problem like this. When you are dividing by zero, you get the answer of infinity. Dividing by 0 results in either “no answer” or “undefined” which can represent an infinite number of denominator zero formulas.

10 / 5 = 2 because we can take the number 2, five times and we have 2+2+2+2+2 = 10

2 / 1 = 2 because we can take the number 2, one time, and we have 2 = 2

Now let’s see what happens when you divide by zero, which is not a real number, but merely a symbol for “nothing” at all.

10 / 0 = undefined because you are dividing by a non-number

235 / 0 = undefined because you are dividing by a non-number

Now let’s pretend ‘0’ is a number. It’s just a symbol for the absence of a number. But for argument’s sake, I am going to pretend it is a number.

9 / 0 = 0
8 / 0 = 0
7 / 0 = 0
6 / 0 = 0

If this is true then 9=8=7=6 because you can divide them all by ‘0’ and get 0. But you can also do this:

9 x 0 = 0
8 x 0 = 0
7 x 0 = 0
6 x 0 = 0

Once again, if true, then 9=8=7=6.

Okay, these four numbers have been divided by the “number zero” and every answer equals the number zero. This makes absolutely no sense unless you take into account that zero is the “absence of a number and a symbol for nothing.”

9 / nothing = nothing
8 / nothing – nothing
7 / nothing = nothing
6 / nothing = nothing

Same answers, this time I used “nothing” instead of its symbol zero.

In fact there are an infinite amount of numbers that you “can divide” by zero and always get zero. This defies common sense, regardless of your math lessons.

Here is the kicker that makes it “possible” to divide by zero. Simply taking the concept of infinity. I can prove that there are an infinite amount of divisions by zero. Let’s start with 0 / 0 = 0 and go up the chart to 657,934 / 0 = 0. Well I just gained 657,934 “numbers” that all = 0 with division. I can move this up to 1,545,456,234 / 0 = 0. Now I am up in the billions of formulas that divide by zero. Each formula has that INFINITE UNDEFINED concept I have been hammering on.

As you can see, there are an infinite amount of calculations you get resulting in an “undefined number.” You have to play devil’s advocate to say it is possible.

But bring in a theory and you can disprove that it is impossible. If you can prove it is not impossible, then you have proven the answer is unknown or undefined. Once you proved infinity undefined, you can, with your assumptions say that you can indeed divide by zero.