Distinguishing Fact from Fiction about Mosquito Borne Illnesses

There are several diseases which can be transmitted by mosquitoes to humans. Malaria, the West Nile Virus and yellow fever are some of these diseases and it is important when you want to travel to one of the countries where there is a danger for these diseases that you take the necessary precautions.

Distinguishing facts from fiction is necessary because there are some myths which don’t reflect the reality and can cause you a lot of problems during your travel or even when you return. Some of these parasitic diseases are responsible for a few million deaths every year.

It is fiction that there is not much that you can do to prevent these diseases. There are several products and medicines which can help you to protect you against bites of these mosquitoes. Malaria is a disease caused by the malaria parasite but it is only the female one which spread this disease to people. There are different types of malaria and it is important that you take the right malaria pills if you are infected which depends of the area where you want to make your travel. It is also important that you take the right malaria pills to prevent you against this terrible disease when you travel to these countries.

It is fiction that taking malaria pills before, during and after your travel protects you completely against this virus. A great part of these parasites are resistant against these medicines and because of that it is important that you need to take other precautions.

It is important that you use insect repellents like by example mosquito milk especially during the biting hours. Although these mosquitoes are active during the evening or in the early morning it is best that you use this spray also during the day on exposed skin when you are outdoors. When you are inside it is best that you put the air-conditioning on. Mosquitoes can’t tolerate the cold air and you are safe that they stay away and can’t infect you.

When you can’t sleep with the air conditioning on make sure that you sleep under a mosquito net. These nets have tinny holes so that air can comes through these holes for fresh air but are too small for mosquitoes which wants to come in.
Stay also away from a lake or a place with water in your garden during the hours when these mosquitoes are active.

It is also fiction to believe that children have the highest risk to get the West Nile virus; in reality people who are older than 50 years have more chance to get this disease. Another myth is also that only people with a weak health are at risk for this disease. People who are older than 50 years and work outside have a higher risk for developing this disease.

It is fiction to believe that only people who live in developing countries will die from these diseases. Also western people who travel to these countries have the risk of dying. The only difference is that there are more medicines in western countries to cure these diseases but their resistance against these diseases is weaker than people who are born in developing countries.

It is also a myth that mosquitoes can’t bite you if you wear long trousers and everything of your body is protected. Mosquito’s bites through your clothes: wearing clothes helps but using insect repellents is necessary for more safety.
Protection against yellow fever caused by some kinds of mosquitoes in tropical countries can be done with a vaccination.

Inform before you travel to one of these countries where there is a risk for these diseases and take the necessary preventions. It is necessary to prevent you against these diseases and even the risk of dying. Don’t forget the necessary malaria pills and eventually the vaccinations which are necessary. Using insect repellents is a must and often more important than medicines because these products keep them away of you.