Did Lemuria Exist

The lost land of Lemuria reportedly sank beneath the waves thousands of years ago. Some claim it was due to evil influences while others attribute it to the shifting of Geological plates and tectonic activity. Many claim it never existed at all. Yet the founder of the Waldorf School System, Rudolf Steiner, claims he was contacted by the spirits of both Atlantis and Lemuria. There is a specific website dedicated to the believers in Lemuria, yet Wikipedia dismisses it as a myth. Is there real, archeological evidence that Lemuria ever existed and sank beneath the waves?

There is the fact that there appears to have been a massive civilization that suddenly developed in the Indus Valley several thousand years ago. The remains of this culture definitely exists, but their origins are shrouded in mystery. Could it have been survivors of the sinking of Lemuria? Only if Lemuria actually existed and truly sunk. Is that possible?

There have bee recorded records of ancient roads that start on one island and then disappear in to the sea only to reappear hundreds of miles away, made out of the same material and in the same fashion. In May, 1998, Marcia McNutt, wrote a paper entitled simply, “Superswells” about the instability of the southern Pacific Ocean Floor and how it has the potential to rise or fall suddenly. The accuracy of Dr. McNutt’s work was amply demonstrated in the tidal waves that hit the area with devastating effect in December 2007, killing over 13000 people triggered by the ocean floor rising and sinking several meters in a short time.

The rising of the land in several places along the coast of India and Indonesia raise up several temples and ruins. India is known for sunken city remains and some had been known for years, but some were newly revealed. The ages of all are unknown, could they be from Lemuria?

Then there is biological questions. Many creatures found in India are also only found in Madagascar, Lemurs are the main example. They were known as lemurs because people claim they originated on Lemuria! Some claimed it happened when Madagascar was part of India, 90 million years ago, but the lemur species is no where near that old. Some claim the Lemurians took them from Madagascar to India!

Lemuria, one of the lost lands. Did it sink beneath the waves? Did it even exist? Archeologists will be arguing it for years to come, but we may never truly know!