For those of you who do not know, diamonds have been found that are colored other than in shades of grey or what are known as a pure white diamonds. Those other colors are various shades of yellow, purple, red, brown and blue. There are also black diamonds, one of which is known as the “Black Orloff.”

As it happens, those colored diamonds are usually worth more because of their rarity. As such, blue diamonds are quite valuable.

The most famous, or should I say the most infamous, cut blue diamond is known as the “Hope Diamond.” As it is, set into a diamond studded necklace, it is nearly heart-shaped and is one of the largest cut diamonds known to exist.

Then again, it is also believed to cause terrible things to its owners and the family members of those owners. It is true that each and every owner of the “Hope Diamond” subsequently suffered some kind of a tragic loss.

After having suffered greatly, the last private owner of the “Hope Diamond” donated the stone to a museum. It currently resides within the Smithsonian Museum within a protective case. Sooner or later someone will purchase the stone to prove that it is not somehow cursed or contains some unseen power that causes great harm to those who touch it or are within viewing distance of it.

Other large blue diamonds are known to exist but as yet, the “Hope Diamond” is the largest in carat weight and is the most rare and desirable shade of blue among those that were discovered.

If you have several million dollars available for its purchase, it is quite likely that some terrible event will happen within your life soon after you acquire that stone. In my opinion, only a truly rich fool would purchase what I believe to be a cursed blue diamond.

Then again, the ownership of such a stone makes you the target of every criminal on earth who desires to become a millionaire by cutting that blue diamond into several other smaller blue diamonds. Keep in mind that, for example, a five-carat cut diamond is usually worth more than the combined value of five one-carat diamonds, no matter shade or color it is.

The next time that you see a cut blue diamond, keep in mind that it too might bring tragedy, death, and/or misfortune into your life and/or the life of your loved ones. Then again, maybe not.