Creationist Science

One of the polemics of evolutionists is that creationists have not made a contribution to science. The evolutionists must know that is an outright lie. 

The late Walter Lammerts (1904-1996), was called the “father of scientific rose breeding,” he was the developer of the highly prized Queen Elizabeth rose. He taught a UCLA for 4 years and worked with Armstrong nurseries as the director of their research and development department. 

Sir John Ambrose Fleming ( 1849-1945), a founder of the Evolution Protest Movement, was also the known for his contribution to electrical engineering (e.g. Fleming’s Left and Right hand rules). 

Alfred Rehwinkel (1887-1979), author of the book THE FLOOD, was the president of the Edmonton Zoological Society and a founder of the Edmonton Zoo. 

Dr. Raymond Damadian, pioneered the invention of the M.R.I in spite of the ridicule of his critics. While more than one scientist contributed to the final product, Harold Evans in his book THEY MADE AMERICA regarded Damadian as the innovator. Even though Evans did not mention Damadian’s creationist’s belief’s he did mention the role of Damadian’s faith in the quest to develop the MRI.  Mr. Evan’s book is not a Christian polemics book. It is actually a book which was tied in the a PBS television series. And PBS has not exactly been known for producing Christian programming. Mr. Evans paints a sympathetic, though not uncritical portrait of his subject. Since Dr. Damadian was overlooked by the Nobel Prize committee, he told Mr. Evans that he’s been written out of the history books. Mr. Evans believes that history will eventually vindicate Dr. Damadian. Hopefully Mr. Evans will be proven correct. 

The evolutionists resort to straw man arguments depicting creationists as dumb, ignorant Bible Fundamentalists with no academic backgrounds. This is an unfair misrepresentations. Sure one may find a few that fit that stereotype. But there are a number with impressive backgrounds. To name a few others Dr. David Menton, professor emeritus at Washington University discovered that skin cells are a fourteen sided polygons. The late Richard Lumsden was the dean of the biology department at Tulane University. Dr. Duane Gish taught for eight years at Cornell Medical school. 

While creationists are in the minority, that does not invalidate their views. At one time only one dentist on a panel set up to evaluate a fossil find believed the fossil to be fake. He was overruled and his views suppressed. So for nearly 40 years, the Piltdown Man, was paraded about as a proof for evolution until it was exposed as a fraud in 1952. How many scientists believe in creation? To be openly creationist t is not a safe career move. To even doubt the speculative hypothesis of evolution is not acceptable to the “establishment. So the numbers may not be precisely known. One study mentioned that 20 percent of the scientists rejected evolution completely. Anyway the proof of science should be in the data, not in political majorities. Unfortunately scientists are human and prone to frailty in characters as the rest of us mortals.