Contacting Aliens

Are we ready for blast off and First Contact?

We live in a world where the human race is now always plugged into something, if it’s not into a TV set or a laptop then you can be sure it will be something. Ask yourself, could you live without your PC, Playstation, or jumping around with your Wii control? You may say no way? But as we put ourselves into debt for some pieces of plastic and green boards with copper bits all over it, is the future of mankind really ready?

Are we really going to go up into the stars shouting how great planet Earth is to any other alien planets we may encounter? When we cannot even make any technology without testing it on some poor rat to see if its brain will explode in the hope it will be the next great thing after the nuclear bomb. I mean let’s really think about it? “Hello Mr Alien, we come from a place called Earth and we come in peace”.

Let take a look at our great bio for the human race, two world wars, not forgetting the Romans and Vikings before that. Then we have a few species we’ve helped become extinct and don’t forget how man thinks one race is still superior over another, that’s just to name afew of the humans accomplishments.

It’s 2008 and we still cannot get it right! When some poor old woman almost has a heart attack running to the shops to get back home; before a group of young teenager come running out of school getting ready to control the streets. Then you have the Mum and Dad sitting having a drink as their 12 year kid is out in some park at 12am getting drunk.

Oh and let’s not forget about our friendly hunters who love nothing more than killing something with fur on it, lo and behold if one of these alien species were covered in fur our hunters would think it was open season all-year round. Then we have the it’s cool to be in gangster world with our guns, “Oh look, his wearing red, let’s do a drive-by, and kill the mother!”.

People, this is not Star Trek where man’s only ambition is to improve himself, if only. This is planet Earth where mankind’s ambition is money and control and as long as we continue to think that we are some superior being, we are a very long way from blast off.