Considering Coincidences

A. Einstein: ‘Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

I do not believe in the word coincidence. For me it is a word created to explain the unexplainable away. A word designed to ‘dismiss’ without investigation.

Some people label events as coincidence, which for me are not even related so even in those ‘minor’ cases the word does not apply.

But then there are those events that occur perhaps following a series of strange occurrences that are more than related; they are positively ‘intended’!

Events, which as they defy conventional explanation still attract that ‘word’ coincidence. This word is inadequate and the very existence of it causes the vast majority of people to miss something very remarkable about life and the reality we share.

We are dismissing something ‘useful’, which when acknowledged to exist could be utilized to enhance our own personal existence.

Before I say more I would like to provide an example of the sort of ‘ NOT coincidence’ I am talking about.

Copied from the web:

“The British actor Anthony Hopkins [who shot to fame as Hannibal Lecter] was delighted to hear that he had landed a leading role in a film based on the book The Girl From Petrovka by George Feifer. A few days after signing the contract, Hopkins travelled to London to buy a copy of the book. He tried several bookshops, but there wasn’t one to be had. Waiting at Leicester Square underground for his train home, he noticed a book apparently discarded on a bench. Incredibly, it was The Girl From Petrovka. That in itself would have been coincidence enough but in fact it was merely the beginning of an extraordinary chain of events. Two years later, in the middle of filming in Vienna, Hopkins was visited by George Feifer, the author. Feifer mentioned that he did not have a copy of his own book. He had lent the last one – containing his own annotations – to a friend who had lost it somewhere in London. With mounting astonishment, Hopkins handed Feifer the book he had found. ‘Is this the one?’ he asked, ‘with the notes scribbled in the margins?’ It was the same book.”

I do not dismiss these strange events; instead I recognize them as ‘signs’, which point, like those on a road to a more preferred destination than the route you are presently taking.

There is a saying ‘be careful what you ask for as one day it might come true’.

Books have been written about talking to the Cosmos, asking for your desires to be met as the Cosmos will then attempt to help you towards that desired goal. I haven’t read them. But I know what it is they refer to – coincidences or rather related events, your requests being met through a series of strangely related occurrences.

I am not going to speculate on universal consciousnesses or manifesting our own reality/destiny etc. You can speculate as much as you desire as to the cause of this strange relationship between thought and events. I am merely accepting it for what it is. We are not alone. I believe there is an interfering force in our lives and I call this interfering force God.

Learn how to read the ‘signs’ in your own life and follow the route they take you on.

It’s all part our personal journey, an apprenticeship in some cases and a reward system in others.


There are ‘ related events’ which can be repeated such as the shared birthday in a group of 22. As this related event can be repeated and the intention for such a relationship can not be easily understood it is called a coincidence. A shame, as this ‘pattern’ may have some other more relevant meaning which is being missed.

Even if that reason is purely to ensure a conversation starter!