Christmas 2007 Science and Discovery Gift Ideas for Children

Children are naturally inquisitive. They love exploring their surroundings and learning new things. What better way to encourage this behavior than to give them a science-related gift this holiday season? I have compiled a list of fantastic science and discovery items sure to satisfy the budding scientist in the child on your shopping list. These gifts can be found online at either or (unless otherwise noted).

Gifts under $25:
Learning Resources Illuminated Pocket Microscope This compact microscope with up to 30x magnification comes with a handy storage case and guide. Children will love being able to explore their world with this travel-ready device! (Requires 2 AA batteries)

ScienceWiz Electricity Experiment Kit This kit contains materials needed to complete 16 experiments ranging from making buzzers and switches to testing conductivity. It is a winner of several awards and comes with an informative booklet. (May contain small parts)

Scientific Explorer’s My First Weather Kit The child on your holiday list will learn all about windspeed, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and even global warming with this complete weather station. (Adult supervision required; contains small parts)

Wild Planet A Pirate’s Life Light Scope Extending to over 11″, this hand-held, 8x magnification telescope with removable flashlight will provide hours of fun exploration!

Eye Can’t Believe It Optical Illusion Set This set, in book format, contains more than 90 optical illusions to stun and amaze. It offers “how-to” instructions so children (and adults alike) can create their own illusions. But it doesn’t stop there! This book also explains the “how” and “why” of optical illusion.

I Dig Dinosaurs Triceratops Skeleton What child doesn’t love to dig? This kit contains safety goggles, a steel hammer and chisel, and even a paleontologist field guide so children can “unearth” their very own triceratops bones that snap together. Best of all, they can use the included paints to create a stunning replica to show off to friends and family. I Dig Dinosaurs offers many other varieties of excavation kits as well. (May contain small parts)

Gifts priced from $25 to $50:
EyeClops Bionic Eye This hand-held microscope plugs into your television and displays the item of choice on the screen using 200x magnification. Complete with a viewing dish, tube and a hands-free base, this gift will provide hours of entertainment for young and old alike! Find it online at and while you’re there check out the demo video. (Requires 5 AA batteries)

Spark Talking Microscope With 12 specimen slides, illustrated cards, a parent’s guide, narration feature and quiz mode, this 5x magnification microscope is sure to satisfy the inquisitive mind of the child on your shopping list. (Requires 3 C batteries and contains small parts)

Learning Resources Gearbotics Robot Motorized Set Movement and sound come alive when children build their very own motorized robot using the included 118 color-coded pieces. This set comes complete with a controller and instruction book and can be used with other Gears! Gears! Gears! building sets. (May contain small parts)

Any of these products are sure to put a spark of scientific enthusiasm in the child on your holiday list this year. Good luck in your shopping endeavors and have a safe, happy holiday!