Christmas 2007 Hottest new Biology Books for Children

Biology is such a wide ranging subject, and there are some great books out there. This list of recently published books suitable for kids from about 5 to 11 years. However, adults may find them compelling reading too.

1. Why is Snot Green? The Science Museum Question and Answer Book by Glen Murphy (2007)
This book contains the answers to which curious young minds pose questions; Why is snot green? Can animals talk? What are scabs for? and many others you never really thought about until your kids asked. A fun book that has been compiled from the many questions asked by children (and probably adults too) at the Science Museum in London.

2. See Inside your Body (Usborne Flap Books) by Katy Danes (2006)
A fun and accurate way to discover the inner workings of the human body. Contains original and colorful illustration accompanied by text with flaps to lift and reveal more detail. Good for kids of all ages as pictures are informative but tasteful with no gory pictures.

3. How the incredible human body works by ‘The Brainwaves’ by Richard Walker (2007)
The brainwaves take you on a tour of the human body; see them as they fight toxic bacteria, find out how you know when you are hungry and explore areas of the human body and how they work in an interesting and different way. Wonderful illustrations and a good dose of all those horrible infections that the body has to deal with such as viruses, fungi and worms and how they are overcome by the immune system.

4. The Deep: The extraordinary creatures of the Abyss by Claire Nouvian (Hardback 2007)
As a child I was transfixed by amazing photos in a book of a similar title. This is truly a stunning and enthralling read. Photos are interspersed by short essays written by the author and other leading researchers that provide insight into the biology of deep sea organisms and compliment the breathtaking visuals. The essays are probably more easily read by slightly older kids but the pictures speak for themselves.

5. Real Science 4 Kids Pre level 1 by Dr. R Keller (2007)
A new book in the Real science for Kids series. This book is aimed at children a little younger than level 1 book’s and is aimed at ages from 7 years and up. The book provides an overview of a wide range of concepts in Biology. Like the other books in the series the content can be taught with a small amount of knowledge of the subjects covered. This book has 10 chapters including ‘ plant life’, cells to protozoa’ , ‘from caterpillar to butterfly’ and ‘our balanced world’. A great way to get kids a good start in science.