Christmas 2007 Hottest new Astronomy Books for Beginning Astronomers

If you have a budding astronomer on your Christmas list , then why not enrich their knowledge by buying them a book that will really help launch them into the fascinating world of amateur astronomy? There are so many astronomy books on the market, that you may have a little trouble choosing so I have made a list of the most up to date astronomy books that will be of the most use to someone just starting out with this marvelous pastime:

ASTRONOMY FOR BEGINNERS, by Jeff Becan and Sarah Becan (Paperback – Jan 8, 2008)

This wonderful book explains in simple terms about the various events that can be seen in the skies each year. It is a well illustrated book that gives easily understood and clear information about the pattern of the heavens, the equinoxes, the solices, meteor showers and the solar and lunar eclipses.

A DICTIONARY OF ASTRONOMY (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Ian Ridpath (Paperback – 27 Sep 2007)

This is the second edition of a very useful dictionary that contains over 4,200 up-to-date entries on everything the amateur astronomer needs to know. It gives an overview of space exploration and the equipment that is used, through to astrophysics, cosmology, and the concept of time. You will also find the very helpful entry-level web links and you will also find the latest updates on new space missions and others that have been completed such as the Huygens Probe. All the latest technological developments are covered, making this book an invaluable source of facts.

YEARBOOK OF ASTRONOMY by Sir Patrick Moore (Paperback – 16 Nov 2007)

Yes folks he is still going! And still giving a remarkable insight into the fascinating world of amateur stargazing, from the viewpoint of an average Joe. Sir Patrick has included a whole range of articles by some of the world’s top astronomers, and gives a definitive collection of charts and astronomical data. He also gives a practicable month-by-month guide to upcoming events in the year, covering the planets, eclipses, comets, meteors, nebulae and phases of the moon. Given rave reviews by Observer Science Books of the Year and Astronomy and Space, this commanding book will feed your passion for all that is celestial.

HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY by Arthur C. Clarke, Heather Couper, and Nigel Henbest (Hardcover – 15 Oct

This is an amazing volume which examine the evolution of astronomy over the last centuries. It covers the early superstitious beliefs and mythology to the developing world of science. The text is clear and easy to understand and is illustrated with the most magnificent images which makes this one of the “must have” books for anyone who has any interest in the wonders of our enigmatic Universe.

Any of the books listed above can be ordered very easily by your local bookstore or you can buy them online at

If you know an amateur astronomer who is just starting out on their wonderful journey of exploration, any of the books listed will be greatly appreciated as a gift and you will be able to feel a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you have helped to open the door to a fantastic world of wonder and mystery.